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Friday, January 6, 2012

My 1st first-time in 2012

....which is flying alone. :D

From Madison, Wisconsin to Denver, Colorado, then to San Francisco, California, lastly to Seattle, Washington D.C. and SK will pick me up to his place at Bothell.

Yeah cheap tickets so 2 stops in between. (or 2 stops in between because the tickets are cheap?)

4 hours in between my 2nd stop at San Francisco (which I am at right now) and the destination and nothing much to shop...... so I'm writing this quick post to kill time.

You can see I'm super bored and tired so don't expect this post to be of much value thank you. Anyway this blog is getting more and more crappy because *ahem* I don't really have time to put in as much effort as I did before leaving Malaysia. Workload was crazily tormenting me, whereas right now I wanna treasure my winter break and have as much fun as I can before going back to get anal fucked by studies.

(..... and nobody cares anyway, whether I update everyday or abandon this blog)

Overpriced stuffs I bought at the airports:

3 egg tarts $5.50 = RM17.3140 i wanna sell Asian food here laaaaaa why so profitable wan.
I wanna get a red tiny fur ball to sew onto the deer and make it Rudolf :D

....... k bye.

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  1. LOL I hadn't ridden a bike more than 10 years as well when I decided to buy one. A bit wobbly at first, but got the hang of it. It's one of those things which can never actually forget how to do.