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Monday, January 30, 2012

Most luxurious private dinner I ever had

So this was the dinner which SK belanja me to celebrate the relief, as mentioned in the previous post

located at Downtown Seattle

Medium-cooked beef, baked potatoes, mushroom and vegetable. SK and I had one plate each. We also ordered a small bowl of jasmine rice which was too ordinary to take picture of but costed $2 what turf.

the Upside-down Apple Pie which didn't look like a pie

The bill totaled $48 = around RM146 = madness!!! I was in the washroom when SK ordered the steak, so I had no idea how much it costed until the bill came! I felt like a gold digger :\ luckily my wallet was still in Metro office so I had excuse not to split the bill hehehe.

Must put this picture because this chun guy paid the bill :P

This is the first clear picture of SK on this blog and also the first picture of us in which he wasn't wearing spec because I asked him to take off. And fyi, we have been together for quite a long time actually before making it public on Facebook :) My friends told me he looks like Korean (which I strongly agree, especially the eyes)  and his friends thought I am a Korean -_- what surprised me is that some actually told me that he is quite good-looking O_o Serious ah or just flattery? I seriously never thought so, I'm not a fan of Asian eyes and his hair is like dragonball kid/bird nest most of the time hahahahahahaha

AND!!! The lost-and-found drama didn't stop here. After we had this dinner, SK realized that he lost Tyler (his roommate)'s U Pass which he borrowed to save bus fare! We thought there was no way we could find it but guess what, on the day I claimed back my wallet from the Metro office, Tyler received an email from somebody who picked up the card on the street! It was a black middle-aged guy working in the university hospital! So we went and got the card back :D double victory!!!

Americans are so nice right! :D If this drama happened in Malaysia... I tell you what. Don't even hope to find out where you lost your belonging or who picked it up... My advice would be, just accept the fact that it is forever gone and buy a new one... unless you happen to be super lucky to find it before somebody claims its ownership. And if someone actually returned your belonging, please give him/her an award. Seriously.

That's all bye.



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  2. boleh x bg i recipi apple pie..?


    1. Ko patut tanya McCormick's Fish House & Bar. Tapi agaknya diaorg x tau baca Bahasa Melayu... biar diaorg layan pun ko x kan paham English