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Monday, January 30, 2012

Most luxurious private dinner I ever had

So this was the dinner which SK belanja me to celebrate the relief, as mentioned in the previous post

located at Downtown Seattle

Medium-cooked beef, baked potatoes, mushroom and vegetable. SK and I had one plate each. We also ordered a small bowl of jasmine rice which was too ordinary to take picture of but costed $2 what turf.

the Upside-down Apple Pie which didn't look like a pie

The bill totaled $48 = around RM146 = madness!!! I was in the washroom when SK ordered the steak, so I had no idea how much it costed until the bill came! I felt like a gold digger :\ luckily my wallet was still in Metro office so I had excuse not to split the bill hehehe.

Must put this picture because this chun guy paid the bill :P

This is the first clear picture of SK on this blog and also the first picture of us in which he wasn't wearing spec because I asked him to take off. And fyi, we have been together for quite a long time actually before making it public on Facebook :) My friends told me he looks like Korean (which I strongly agree, especially the eyes)  and his friends thought I am a Korean -_- what surprised me is that some actually told me that he is quite good-looking O_o Serious ah or just flattery? I seriously never thought so, I'm not a fan of Asian eyes and his hair is like dragonball kid/bird nest most of the time hahahahahahaha

AND!!! The lost-and-found drama didn't stop here. After we had this dinner, SK realized that he lost Tyler (his roommate)'s U Pass which he borrowed to save bus fare! We thought there was no way we could find it but guess what, on the day I claimed back my wallet from the Metro office, Tyler received an email from somebody who picked up the card on the street! It was a black middle-aged guy working in the university hospital! So we went and got the card back :D double victory!!!

Americans are so nice right! :D If this drama happened in Malaysia... I tell you what. Don't even hope to find out where you lost your belonging or who picked it up... My advice would be, just accept the fact that it is forever gone and buy a new one... unless you happen to be super lucky to find it before somebody claims its ownership. And if someone actually returned your belonging, please give him/her an award. Seriously.

That's all bye.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Wallet lost and found in Seattle

Note: This post is super long-winded.

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably have read about my live tweets about this incident. But I tell you. You have no idea how much troubles I went through during those 4 days!

Thank God I got it back finally!

So the story began like this. SK and I went to Seattle Aquarium last Sunday. Then we walked to the first Starbucks store. Then we had a quick stroll around Pike Place and decided to go back for a proper visit later on because the stalls were already closed. Then walked to Uwajimaya. Then walked to bus stop near the King Street Station. Then took the bus and came back to Bothell.

I just checked Google Map, the walking distance from the first Starbucks store to Uwajimaya is fucking 1.5 hour wtf no wonder I felt forever walking! conned by WSK to walk so far >:(

We reached home. We slept. We woke up the next day.

Then I took my camera out from the pocket of my winter coat and I realized...


I put my wallet and camera in the same pocket how come my camera was still there and my wallet wasn't?! How come?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(at that point i somehow felt lucky that I lost my wallet and not my camera because there were tons of nude pictures lol joke snow videos and stupid fish videos inside which I'd be super depressed if I lost them)

Searched every corner of the room thrice. Wallet not found.

Searched the snow-covered ground outside twice. Wallet not found.

I clearly remembered that I used my wallet right before we left Urghdunnosiami Uwajimaya so possibilities were that my wallet was

(A) given to the cashier???
(B) dropped while walking to the bus stop
(C) dropped at the bus stop
(D) dropped on the bus seat
(E) dropped while walking back to SK's apartment
(F) borrowed by immoral magician

Called Uwajimaya and my wallet was not there. Possibility A crossed out. If it was (B), (C) or (E), there was nothing much i could do except waiting for people/police to contact me. If (F) was the case I could only wait till the stupid magician was done with his show!!!!!!!! So the big mission was to find out about (D)!!!

It was Martin Luther Day. Public holiday. Made hundreds phone calls to the bus station but nobody picked up. Decided to wait till the next day.

People kept telling me that I should cancel all my credit/debit cards right away but I refused. I insisted that my wallet would come back to me like several times before. So instead of terminating the card service, I transferred all money from access account to saving account so that nobody could fucking clear up my access account...

We continued calling right after we woke up the next day but still nobody picked up! Called for hours and the stupid line just transferred us back and forth from index to Lost and Found Department and we listened to the pre-recorded voice for thousands times fuck fuck fuck. Pek cek gila so we took 1-hour bus ride to their lost and found department at downtown Seattle.

We reached the building 5 minutes before the office hour was over and the people said Metro Bus office had moved to another dunno what building at dunno where!!!!!!!

And then we dashed around like blind bats and still had not a single fucking idea where the office moved to! Searched on Google Map like siao but couldn't find the place! Some more the office hour was already over!!!

SK asked me what I wanted to do. I said go to the police department. We went.


Again SK asked me what I wanted to do and gave options like Go home? Go makan? Go jalan? I didn't respond cuz the only on my mind was wallet wallet where is my wallet is my wallet really gone oh wallet my wallet where the hell did I dropped my wallet!!! 

I started crying.

Imagine lah. I traveled so far and walked so far and the weather was fucking cold and the icy wind slapped my face and the snow landed on my head and I was standing on the street in a foreign state in a foreign country and my wallet was gone!!! Although my debit card can only withdraw $3 but the value of print card + Starbucks card  + campus credit + cash + Walmart gift card = almost $100. Tragedy max okay???


Fuck rationality and maturity and independence and shit. I was overwhelmed by guilt and sadness okay. I didn't even care about my princessy look that night (yes I had that pink ribbon like in this snow video) or whether my falsies would drop, I just sat on the roadside and sobbed like a sad kitten :'(

A kind-hearted young lady passed by and asked if I was okay. I nodded.

But continued sobbing after she walked away.

I think SK was like pushed down the cliff so he called the Metro Transit office again, for one last time, and  instead of the Lost and Found department, this time he pressed the number to transfer to a random tour-related department. Surprisingly someone picked up and SK went "I know this is not the Lost and Found department but I have tried calling.... WHAT?! This IS the Lost and Found Department?!!! Oh I'm looking for a white leather wallet lost on 522 route on Sunday night... The owner? The first name is Sin Ruow and the last name is Tey.... "

"YOU FOUND IT?!!!!!! GREAT!!!!!"

And I went

Thank you Jesus Christ, Allah, Buddha, Siva, Zeus and the person who picked up my wallet!!! Although I don't like what you put me through but thank you :'D

Probably because they just moved the office so their sub-lines got messed up. Haiya should have thought of calling another department while we were at home. But whatever! Most importantly I found my wallet!

To celebrate the relief, SK suggested that we jalan and dine at the first restaurant we saw.

And then I had the most luxurious private dinner I ever had in my life T_T so contented 
(I specify 'private' because I have had more luxurious dinners at United Nations events and at rich cousins' weddings. #notshowingoff #nothingtobeproudof)

The next day we took 1-hour bus ride again and reached the right building at 2.30pm. Normal office hour is until 5pm but the office was closed at 2pm that day because of snow storm @#$%^&*

But still happy lah cuz we visited Pike Place Market :D so happy to take picture in front of the colorful Gum Wall, one of the top 5 germiest tourist attractions in the world :D :D :D

(as usual, here is my standard line: I will blog about all tourism spots mentioned in this post, be very very very patient...)

The next next day I finally got my wallet back.

Lesson: Never trust open pockets!!! Always check before you leave a place!!!

-The End-


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

[Video] Fooling around in snow ♥

1) Video was actually taken in Bothell, while waiting for the bus to Seattle Downtown.
2) 0.48 showing the snow on my fake lashes
3) 1:40 snow angel failed ><" supposed to fall backward like SK did!
4) 2.30 the snow tasted like... ice in ais kacang or ABC which stands for Air Batu Campur.  
5) 2.45 that was not a snowman because no eyes and nose -_- Will make proper ones soon!
6) 3.20 just to show that i was happily hopping in the snow lol
7) 3.35 trying to be a dragon *megusta.jpg*

I didn't bring waterproof winter coat and boots to Bothell cuz SK told me that it was much warmer here Madison. (refer to comment) And then suddenly snow storm until buses follow snow route and classes cancelled!!! 

I'm not complaining lah I'm happy to have the snow!!! :D


Olivia Binfield, the 8-year-old animal protector

I cried when I watched the following clip for the first 3 times. And I have watched it near to 10 times thus far.

Cuteness overload!!! And her passion for animal warfare is so touching T_T

Endangered Animals
Come on don't you have a heart?
You don't want these animals to depart?
Forget the x factor and the top ten singing chart,
What about the endangered animals and the poison dart.
The arnour leopard, the Siberian tiger and polar bear,
They are so gorgeous, it is just not fair.
If I say their Latin name, will you listen more?
Oh Louis please do nt say this is a bore.
Varanus komodenis, komodo dragon by the way.
Why does man have to take them all away?
Man you are such a fool.
Snakes killed alive for handbags that is just not cool.
Please listen to my passion, although it may not be in fashion.
I can not sing it, you might laugh,
I can not dance, you would say I was daft.
But I am seven
And I want these animals to last !!

Because of her compassion for animals, Olivia decided on her own at age 3 not to eat meat.

Going, going, gone
You may say I am only seven,
But I don’t want the animals to go to heaven
before they have a decent life,
I don't want them to be cut up with the butchers knife,
You may say I am rather small,
But what I believe in my heart is big and tall,
Endangered animals need to be saved,
those who hunt and kill them are depraved,
Michael I hear you do a funny pitch,
But it is no joke when the red lemur ends in the ditch,
David I hear you are from the big USA,
So help us to keep greedy poachers away,
Forget Baywatch - lets animal watch eh!
Beautiful, peace loving vegetarian Amanda,
You share these traits with the giant panda,
The black rhino has lived for a million years,
Why kill it for its horns, that's just superstitious fears,
The African Wild Dog,
The Pigmy Hog,
The Hamilton Frog,
The Hispid Hare,
The Polar Bear,
The Common Skate,
Who are WE to decide their fate !!

Eyes, red like fire,
Exquisitely designed skin,
We cannot let the beautiful tiger end up in the bin.
Watch him glide gracefully above the green jungle floor,
Yet only three thousands left in the wild,
There should be more!
Greedy poachers breaking the laws,
Ridiculous beliefs by humanity all must be shown the door.
We must not let the creature disappears,
For that is my most dreaded fear.

To be frank, I never give a damn to how domestic animals live before they are slaughtered. And I still don't. I think I only care about animal rights when it comes to cute animals I love... cats, alpacas, dolphins, rabbits, giraffes, otters etc! Shame on me I know.

Somewhat I feel that anti-fur and anti-skin activists are hypocrites. Unless they are vegetarians. I mean seriously, what makes foxes, tigers, crocodiles and whatever animals human kill for vanity deserve more dignified treatment than chickens, ducks, cows and lambs? Just because the latter animals reproduce in big number whereas the former are facing extinction? Isn't this speciesism?

Hence vegetarians are speciesists too! Plants are also living things what? Plants do have feelings although they can't move around and make noise like the animals. Just google it and here is one article about it.

You get my point?

I do feel deeply for saving endangered species though. It is just sad if the future generation has to see these animals (and plants) only from pictures and videos.

Yes I care just because they are endangered. :/

Hats off to you, Olivia.


Monday, January 16, 2012

2011 & 2012 Resolutions

How could I forget to publish this! Oh yam gee. Can I cheat and change the publish date cuz this post should be published on 12/30... 

Say hello to my bulky outfit and flat face.

Another year coming soon. Let's recall my 2011 Resolutions and see how far I have achieved....
( Please view my 2011 Resolutions post! motivational quotes in the form of pictures)

1. Quit procrastination
2. Meditate/ pray daily
3. Plan everyday
4. Be the master of emotions
5. Be more of my true self
6. Keep personal details to myself
7. Do not badmouth
8. Do not beg
9. Read the magical lines daily
10. Review everyday


Only applies to #5 and #8.

#3, #9 and #10 which were practised on-and-off-ly

The rest...

Okay I wanna defend myself for #6. I have a big bunch of close friends, didn't really count before but more than 20 for sure. I never put an effort to constantly keep in touch with all, but when there was something significant happening in my life, I would go to them and spill out everything. Of course I wouldn't be able to spill out to all but sooner or later I still updated them. So nothing is really personal as long as someone is close enough to me. 

You might be wondering how I'm capable to have put my trust in so many people but let me tell you, the truth is I have no fear about the potential consequences. And there are only 2 bad consequences I can get:

1) Judgment
These people know me enough and have enough maturity to judge only my actions, if they were to judge at all. So I'm not afraid of being mistaken. I welcome criticism as long as it is constructive and has a solid base. If it is constructive but based on incomplete/inaccurate knowledge about me, I will explain myself. If they insist, I will drop the topic. But it rarely happened because once this happens...

that someone will no longer be a close friend. :)

Firstly if you were to judge me without complete/accurate information, you do not deserve my friendship. But I give chances. 

Secondly, if I have explained myself but you insist, it either means that you were not listening or you have already formed your own prejudice on me so why do I fucking give a damn just go fuck yourself thank you. 

Just not long ago, I crossed out someone because of this. I don't want to go into details about our dispute but ta niang de I never judged him although he troubled me a lot asking me to fix things that he screwed up due to his immaturity and I have done so much for him as a friend!!!

And he only approached me when he needed help and didn't even know when the hell I left Malaysia. 

Thirdly, I don't mind you having a different viewpoint but I don't think we can be close friends if you don't understand and accept that different people think differently and the differences are especially big when one is involved and one is just an audience. 

Fourthly, I know some sentences above are long like hell so thank you if you did read through hahahaha.

2) Betrayal
which is to let the cat out of the bag, but my cats are clean so I don't really mind. By doing so they only spoil their own reputation and lose my friendship. So I am not worried~ :)

Next, about #7 badmouthing.... What is the definition again? Wait lemme check.

Badmouth (băd'mouth', -mouTH')
verb. To criticize or disparage, often spitefully or unfairly

Okay confirmed I did not badmouth this year! I never made up stories or exaggerate to speak unfavorably about someone. I talked facts so it's not "unfairly". It's not my fault that facts about someone are negative? When I called someone a slut it's because I know her dirty sexual scandals.

An example of badmouthing...

Bitch: Ei that teysinruow is a big slut. Very teruk one, steals people's bfs.
Angel: How you know? You know her?
Bitch: I dunno her but I just know lah! Everybody also knows what.
Angel: Who else know? Whose boyfriend she steals?
Bitch: My friend told me lah.
Angel: Your friend who? How come your friend knows? Your friend knows her?
Bitch: Forget liao leh. Aiya really leh she very bitchy one.
Angel: Really? Like how?
Bitch: Like that lah. Sibeh "cheng".
Angel: Example?
Bitch: What example, her pattern from head to toe "cheng" lah. 

Happened to me for years!!! I admit lah I was damn lansi but these lifeless people didn't even know me and I treated people around me well and I was the one who got betrayed and manipulated.

The conversation up there is true story. (I wanna attach truestory.jpg but this post is overloaded with memes already lol) Those who defended me are really angels! Big thanks xoxo! So glad that ALL my angels are doing very well now whereas these losers stay loser-ish as they mean to be so don't play play with karma I tell you! Be nice!

Why ah keep going off-topic. Okay come back.

So I have only two resolutions for 2012.

First is to fully practise all my 2011 resolutions.

Second is to practise Optimist's Creed by Christian D. Larson:

I promise myself,

To be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.
To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person I meet.
To make all my friends feel that there is something in them.
To look at the sunny side of everything and make my optimism come true.
To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only the best.
To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own.
To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature I meet a smile.
To give so much time to the improvement of myself that I have no time to criticize others.
To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

May we all improve in every aspect and become better people


Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Year's Eve Party at an LGBT Nightclub

ALOHA! Greetings from Bothell, Washington 

Guess how I celebrated my 2012 New Year's Eve? (yeah right, it's already a fortnight ago... time flies!)

Pick any captions provided below:

A) It was my first NYE celebration ever!!!
...... so what the hell was i doing during the past 19 NYE's???

B) It was my first UV paint party ever!!!
.....yes like what you see in Black Eyed Peas' I Gotta Feeling MV!

C) It was my first time sneaking into a supposed 21+ nightclub in USA!!!
......while both SK and I are only 20 :D

D) It was my first time going into an LGBT nightclub!!!
......definition of LBGT? hang on

E) It was my first time to see so many lesbians and gays and un-spot-able bisexual and transgender making out and humping each other and half of them were gorgeous omfgwtf!!! it now? ;)

Well actually D and E are pretty much about the same thing but of course I like E better because it is longer  oh yeah and the tone is more hyper wuahahahahaha!

Okay cool down cinnamon roll. Breath.


I think the event poster explains better. Here.

We missed the free glowing shot at midnight but had everything else mentioned in the poster! Blasphemy.

Sotto was newly open and it is the one and only LGBT nightclub in Madison. Found out about this event on Google 3 days before NYE and got all excited! Then I was looking for the age limit but couldn't find it from the poster & official website & Facebook event page. The reason I was checking was because the legal age to drink in USA is 21. And NYE parties are always one among the big events in nightclubs so they usually limit the entrance to 21+ people since 18+ people are not allowed to buy booze and the clubs for sure want to maximize profits by letting in people who are gonna burn money on booze.

So SK called them twice in 2 different days to ask about it but nobody picked up. Emailed them, no reply also. I thought the club was like so lansi tak nak peduli orang yang belum sampai 21 (wtf), hence I started searching for 18+ NYE parties and only found one which charged people under 21 five more dollars. Made it our second choice.

my outfit on NYE night

Went straight to the club by bus after visiting Vitense Golfland (will blog about this in another post). Buses were free on NYE night, loaded with mostly young people who dressed up nicely to go clubbing. I tell you if you were with me you'd be super impressed by the ladies, it was like -8°C yet most were in short dresses and high heels O_O They did put on winter coat but their legs were totally uncovered! And fyi the roads were damn slippery because of the thin coat of ice on the ground, if I didn't grab SK's arm tightly I could have slipped more than 10 times (I have no one to blame though, I bought fashionable but cheap boots which have rather smooth sole hence lousy grip) and these ladies were wearing at least 3 inches pointy heels having hardcore practice to become American's Next Top Model. Of course they did shiver while walking on the streets or waiting for the bus, but I supposed the cold should be bearable to them after clubbing since they would feel warmer after a long drinking session and most would actually call cab to get home.

Anyway, we reached the nightclub and queued up at the entrance. When it was almost our turn, I nudged SK to ask whether there was age limit. He showed me the nah face and handed his passport to the person in charge.

The person glanced at SK's passport. I was all prepared to take rejection.

But she said "AWESOME!" and handed back the passport to SK. I handed her mine and she said "GREAT!" with a wide smile and put on a glowing paper bracelet around my wrist.

Then we went in like a boss like two bosses :D

Welcome by...

Hahaha no lah. Pictures with grey border were stolen from their event album. When we went in of course they were already busy serving the customers.

By serving I mean mixing drinks. Coat check. Refilling UV paint etc.
(must clarify because serving in this context sounds a little kinky to me hehehe)

note the glowing paper bracelet above the glowing stick

I doubted if we could buy drinks but soon we noticed that everyone had the glowing paper bracelet on the right wrist! (which I thought to be a distinction they made between above and below 21. The other bar we went stamped U21 on our hands. Will blog about it next time) There was no way the bartender could know whether we were legal adult so SK went and bought a redbull mixer.

I was a little tired so I drank the remaining redbull wuakaka.

Then we went to the corner with UV paint supply and started painting ourselves. Only blue and orange were free (in the two pail), other colors needed extra payment. Why ah??? Blue and orange very much cheaper ka? Can anyone google it and tell me thank you lol.

I was with zero make-up!

Also no need to photoshop. Heh. Drew an Ankh on my palm.

So committed to my blog right lol. (yeah and didn't update for dunno how long wtf)

Yes my actual chin is this sharp but I often PS it to be rounder.

the bartenders

clearer view

So we walked around to check out the place, suddenly a black uncle-aged man patted on SK's shoulder, mumbled some words and walked away. The music was loud so SK couldn't hear him. A while later when we were warming up at the dance floor, the man came to us again and mumbled to SK, pointing at me and nodding. We gave him fake smile and continued dancing. After a few minutes, we realized that he was standing at a corner nearby staring at us wtf?! I felt uncomfortable so I asked SK to leave the dance floor to get another drink. 

We went back to the dance floor after we finished the drinks. I looked around to make sure the creepy man was not around but after some time, there he was again--at the corner staring at us with a weird smile!!! We I was like wtf was he interested in me or what!!! Some more I was wearing white so it's easy to want to follow us everywhere in the club!!! 

SK: "Maybe he is interested in me?"

I stared at him and we both went

I even suspected that he might be a model hunter or something! But he could have been given me his name card if he really was so I concluded that he was just a creepy uncle.

We left the dance floor again and this time we sat for quite a long time. When we went back he finally disappeared :D

Spotted a few more uncles who stood at the corners and occasionally took out their phones to snap pictures. My guess is they just came to take pictures just so they could brag on social sites wtf. They didn't even take off their winter coats. And they were alone. And they didn't dance. Nor drink. So don't tell me they were there to party!

10... 9... 8... 7... 6... 5... 4... 3... 2... 1... WELCOME TO 2012!!!

this guy is seriously gorgeous okay


1) A girl was searching all over the floor because she dropped her diamond earring. 

2) Weird uncles magically disappeared. Did they have some kind of curfew or what?

3) We repainted ourselves cuz the paint was free anyway.

looking like Red Indians

4) SK took my hand to smack a gay bartender's ass at the dance floor. I think this was the one:

5) A few tomboys gathered at a corner and took off shirts. All wearing black bras. Is it like a uniform or something?

too bad I like to watch girlish lesbians not boyish ones :P

6) Gays started kissing passionately and humping. They were much fun to watch than lesbians!

Okay that's a tomboy but I wanna show you the gay-humping posture. 

Some were in tight boxers so I could actually see the shape of their slightly erect ding dong wtf hahahaha. I asked SK to look and he went

7) We went outside and stood on the street with only one layer of clothes to gasp for fresh cold air. I dunno what was the point but we tahan for quite long until we could no more bear the cold then quickly ran back in.

8) A lesbian couple came out from the same cubicle while I went to the toilet. Woots!

9) Glowing shots tasted really nice 

10) Saw a girl pulling up her fishnet stockings from below the knees after snuggling with boyfriend at the corner! Did they just......?

We left the club at 3.00 a.m. to catch the bus back home. Usually there is no bus in between 12am and 5am but there was special bus service that day.

We waited at the junction for 40 minutes. Buses passed by in all directions except from where our bus should come from! We even saw fire truck passing by 3 times. Might be the same truck cuz we saw them (it?) on the same road but from opposite directions wtf. There were police cars along the street, our guess was that there were road block at the far end of the road. In the end we gave up and walked for 20 minutes in the cold back home.

Things observed on the way back home:
1) Drunk people.
2) Angry people dialing the phone. They wanted to get cabs but the lines were too busy.
3) Sober people chasing after cabs.
4) Hungry people crowding the restaurants which were still open.
5) Ladies on heels with exposed legs shivering in the cold. They couldn't even walk properly.
6) Snow flakes falling from the sky.
7) A musician playing violin at the roadside. Another at the far end playing saxophone.

Once we reached home I immediately collapsed. Didn't even bother to change my clothes or wash off the paint. 

The paint is not washable anyway cuz it's not water-soluble... but scrub-able. And it is not quite visible under normal light, thick layer of UV paint on skin looks like a layer of dried glue. A few strands of arm hair was sacrificed during my attempt to scrub it off.

-The End-


Friday, January 6, 2012

My 1st first-time in 2012

....which is flying alone. :D

From Madison, Wisconsin to Denver, Colorado, then to San Francisco, California, lastly to Seattle, Washington D.C. and SK will pick me up to his place at Bothell.

Yeah cheap tickets so 2 stops in between. (or 2 stops in between because the tickets are cheap?)

4 hours in between my 2nd stop at San Francisco (which I am at right now) and the destination and nothing much to shop...... so I'm writing this quick post to kill time.

You can see I'm super bored and tired so don't expect this post to be of much value thank you. Anyway this blog is getting more and more crappy because *ahem* I don't really have time to put in as much effort as I did before leaving Malaysia. Workload was crazily tormenting me, whereas right now I wanna treasure my winter break and have as much fun as I can before going back to get anal fucked by studies.

(..... and nobody cares anyway, whether I update everyday or abandon this blog)

Overpriced stuffs I bought at the airports:

3 egg tarts $5.50 = RM17.3140 i wanna sell Asian food here laaaaaa why so profitable wan.
I wanna get a red tiny fur ball to sew onto the deer and make it Rudolf :D

....... k bye.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nail Art for Lazy People

If you constantly wear nail polish, you should know how it tends to peel off little by little from the edges of your nails. I hate removing the worn-out polish because I love to apply multiple layers, and thick layer makes removal difficult. Also you can't just fill in the empty parts because it's not gonna sync with the old layer. Hate.

So I finally invented this lazy nail art.

Just pretend that you make it gothic on purpose. Everyday Halloween.

Press on the half-dry layer to smoothen. Or just the texture be like that.

Don't forget to scratch off those on the flesh under running or still water!

Tip: Apply on the edge and on the inside of your nails, then the polish will last longer.

I wonder how many people would actually take my idea though. Ugly and creepy I know, it's meant to be! *defensive* 

Aiya I'm just lazy and I'm not used to have my nails nude since I finished high school. No time to remove and reapply and wait for it to dry. Not rich enough to buy stick-on ones. Cincai lah. 

Want to be bimbotic also can cincai one wtf.

Yes I still insist on calling it nail art. Problem?