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Monday, November 14, 2011

Shopping on Plane

This is another thing to do on plane other than watching movie, chatting with the passenger next to you or sleeping.

magazine on plane i.e. the shopping catalogue

some basic guidance I don't need to know

I almost stood up and sang Hallelujah when I saw this. Totally my holy savior!!! As mentioned in the previous related post, my eyes were so irritated because I didn't put on my fake lashes the correct way. I had to drop EyeMo onto my eyeballs like every fucking 10 minutes to soothe them. I swear I won't wear make-up the next flight unless it's within a country.

RM 25 only, very reasonable compared to those priced above RM50 at KLIA.

I pressed the button, a stewardess attended, I made the purchase. Easy trade.

the key is the design of the bottle rather than the perfume itself. haha

forgot what these were. Foundation?

I never knew there is a World Tourism Day.

what the hell is this?

I don't understand why people would need this when laptop/PDA/smartphone can provide the same functionality. Probably rich people need ideas about how to spend their money?

very nice batik! almost lost my sanity

Look at the price wtf. #toyforupperclass

I never bother to worry about whatsoever electron balance in human body #lowerclassmindset

I have a problem. Almost all charm bracelets look uber chio to me...

wah universal adaptor. super practical

I can't even...

Almost got myself this one too! Damn practical for bimbos okay!

You can click on the picture for a larger view. Omg I am so interested in this Mensa IQ test...... Xiaxue took it and turned out her IQ is in the top 2% range of Singaporeans. I don't think it would be too hard for me to get into top 5% of Malaysians... lol

Yeah this is a dry post I know. Tomorrow I will publish the post about my flight and transit to USA. Already saved in the draft, just need some final formatting. It is a long one, make sure to check back tomorrow!



  1. i nak beli beg tu... cntek... mcm mana nak order??? delivery pos laju kan???