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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Flying off to the USA

I am in love with my new blog skin!!!!! Spent 7 hours re-designed everything after my previous re-designing (which was very failed, wonder why nobody told me that... probably because everybody knows I am too self-obsessed to bother listening to criticism), and I'm super happy with this design!!!

Switched back to Blogger template as the frame of my design for my own convenience. The previous template frame was stolen from some random website and was super difficult to be modified (had to use CSS and some shit idk to override some rubbish HTML), I have no idea how I can bear with it for so long.


YES, FINALLY--after I have been in Madison, Wisconsin for 2 and a half months, I finally start blogging about my life here!

Well, not exactly :/ this post is just about my pre-departure journey lah. But it means posts about US life are coming soon :D

The pre-departure preparation started with...

JPA-USA pre-departure talk at Taylor's Lakeside Campus. JPA scholars from UNITEN, Taylor's and INTEC were here too, but us INTIans was the largest group--around 70+ if not mistaken.

In case you wonder why we were all in blazers, well, this is made compulsory by JPA (Jabatan Perkihdmatan Awam a.k.a. Malaysia's Public Service Department). Standardized design for all. And I am not happy with my blazer because the cutting is so not fit at my waist. The entire outfit makes me look like a bamboo stick with flat chest and flat ass wtf.

The reason why we need to wear blazer......I'll explain later.

Chee Ling and I. So tempted to smooch her again after the memorable lesbo kiss at Perhentian wakakaka.

That was the last time all JPA-USA-INTIans gathered before flying off. And I have to admit that I kinda miss them now, even though I was not close to all of them! You know, we're like a second family to each other already after staying in the same block and studying in the same campus for 2 years!!! :(

I am super grateful that Facebook plays an awesome role for us to catch up with each other :D Such a bliss to have half of your friends on FB (well, for me lah, my social network is small) constantly uploading pictures of USA life and flood your homepage with all angmohland stories!

Can you spot me? Click to view this in its largest size.

Went to Sunway Piramid with Tpl, Biscuit, Ah God and Spongebob to watch Harry Potter 7 Part 2. So sad KerMing and CheeLing rushed back after the talk and couldn't join us.

The Smurf was "coming soon" that time. Pictures taken with my Xperia X8:
Can you spot the blonde girl smurf?

Look carefully, she is in the picture...

Can't find her? Aiya why you so dumb.
She is in the mushroom cottage la! Say 'PAWNED' XD

Yum yum. This picture is kinda pointless actually.

No pictures of us because shopping in Sunway Piramid with sloppy half formal attire wasn't really something nice to eyes. And I bought a 28" purple luggage bag (suitcase?) from Universal Traveller, although I knew it would be very troublesome to drag it along during the rest of the shopping session, back to INTI Block S (we were temporarily accommodated there due to the talk. And I heard the top floor of Block S was long uninhabited because a girl jumped off there, too bad we didn't encounter any ghost at all), then onto train back to Segamat-- because it was on 70% discount! I super love cheap stuffs!

Sometimes I buy not-really-needed/wanted stuffs just because they are irresistibly cheap wtf.

And then the packing fun started...

Put that blue monster there to hide my vibrator lol joke

Don't ask me how I managed to create such a mess.....


This is how to save space if you don't have a vacuum thingy to help you. 

I packed around 100+ pieces of clothes and NO FOOD because being fashionable is a must or I won't have mojo to attend lectures.
And because we are only allowed to bring 2 checked luggage bags not more than 23 kg, 1 hand-carried and 1 personal item (handbag/laptop bag), it took me around 10 days to unpack and repack before it finally looked like this:

A total of 5 bags. I was hoping that someone would bring only 1 checked luggage bag and let mine tumpang under his/her name, but in the end the green small one was not brought onto the plane.

Some random documents:

 letter of admission with I-20

 enclosed in this envelope

JPA documents. Grand right? :D

 the fee we have to pay at Chartered Bank before doing VISA online application

Instruction sheets for VISA interview at USA Embassy

I had really emotional moments before I left home. No family was not much the cause, I know I can still talk to them on skype at least once a week, so it didn't bother me much to leave them. My emotional moments were when I watched Notty sleeping soundly on the sofa..... thinking that after I leave, nobody else in the house will stay up at night playing with him, feed him Milo and some other luxurious food not supposed for him, offer him limbs to bite and sniff him everywhere ;_;

Got scolded/teased/laughed at by mom when I looked at Notty, tears flowing down: "... macam ini betul or not, we (family) cry for you and you go cry for that animal...! He doesn't even know what is going on la aiyo all he wants is female cat not you"

-__- what I want from Notty is not that kind of love okay thank you mom.

Pictures of Notty reserved for future post, which will be blogged about when I miss him so much and burst into tears again.

And I did something brainless and bimbotic to my nails:

 Super stupid because it didn't only look cheap but also... will be revealed later.

Finally, the day had come, it was a historical moment...

because Crazenne put on iris-enlarging colored lens for the first time (fake lashes for the second time, the first time was during WTF Prom) and looked anime for the first time in life!!!

Okay okay this is not the most important point. Restate:

"On this historical date, August 18, 2011, Crazenne went to airport for her first flight in life to have the first foreign land experience in life to pursue her dream of being a great geneticist..."

Cheesy giler.

But one day it would be a line on my wike page. *determined*

16-year-old look :3 Oh and this was probably why they made us blazers--so that we looked professional and impressive during departure and arrival. And yes, it worked, we were impressively sloppy after few transits and long flights. Note the 1 Malaysia badge on my blazer.

20-year-old look. Okay maybe an older business woman look. This picture would be perfect if my fringe was properly pinned up...

Mom was having teary eyes on the way to the airport, initiated by my grandma. Popo (yep i call my maternal grandma Popo but not Waipo cuz I called my deceased paternal grandma AhMa) was crying while hugging me tight before I went into the car and left home. My only maternal aunt was crying too. I easily cry when I see people cry but I managed to hold my tears because I don't want my make-up to smear. Good tactic to prevent unwanted shed of tears hahaha.

But when I reached KLIA, my mom was tugging me and went, "eh nobody else wear make up leh, you're the only one..."

Thank you mom for pointing that out, you were the one who insisted I should make up since it's a historical moment and I'd be captured in pictures.

"But I didn't ask you to put on fake lashes mah!"

Okay lor you win -.-

Had dinner at McDonald's with parents after we checked the luggage and got our passports from JPA officer:

Mom has big eyes with double eye lids, and mine only looked like hers after putting on fake lashes and lens fml. Dad's gene of sepet eyes with single eye lids is too strong! Not that I despise my dad's eyes hor, you know Asian girls always want bigger eyes with double eye lids, and that's the main reason we put eye make-up.

She held back her smile in the previous picture because she wanted the picture to show her original eye size wtf. I made her do a teethy smile anyway, using a very simple trick--poking her cheek and mumbling some meaningless words in baby language! It's what she did to me and Donut all the time after she started teaching at kindergarten few weeks ago. She forced us to listen to those nurseries and fairy tales some more. And she told the same ones repetitively!!! Donut and I was -______________- to the max.

Jeng jeng! Dad's sepet eyes revealed. My nose is not as high as my dad's because of my mom's flatter nose gene. I ain't complaining anyway, in case you think I really mean it.... I'm pretty happy to have a pretty mom and handsome dad because they are the reason why I'm so chio :D wakakaka thank you God!!! And after this picture was taken, dad: "Was I trying to strangulate you? Re-take re-take!"

And I found myself damn chio in this picture :D
Before JPA officers gave the very last briefing:

Thanks unfit blazer for making my parent's daughter a bamboo stick.

Next, JPA officers made us gathered and formed a cricle on a stage (yala make us the spotlight center at KLIA dunno for what), then they briefed us about the transit entrances we're supposed to go to, the planes we're supposed to board and some basic regulations on plane. To be honest, I was not paying full attention because there are 10+ of us going to University of Wisconsin-Madison, I knew I just I had to follow the crowd. lol

"Okay, you're off to go, last 10 minutes with your family!"

Tengah main Survivor ke sekarang?!

The last picture with mom and dad I managed to take:

Now I feel so bad that their faces were cut off..... that's the maximum distance my hand could stretch, and I was too shy to ask my friends for a favor because everyone was like having emotional moments with their whole families!!! Whereas I didn't even get a chance to see Donut the day I flew off because he was already in school having exam when I woke up...

For me there was no time to get emotional because everything happened in rush, thanks to those families who blocked my way when the JPA officers were distributing flight tickets. My name was called at least 4 times, each time louder than before, and I couldn't even reach the officer because these people just stood there, didn't even bother to respond to my "excuse me" and I had to squeeze through bit by bit. When I finally got the ticket they hurried us to get through the custom and I straight away went down the escalator without going back for a final hug with my parents.

And then we had extra 2 hours before boarding the plane. @#$%

Mom called to tell me that they're going back home. Her post-crying voice was so usual to me (I heard it every time I went back to INTI after semester breaks) that I hardly felt stirred up. As usual, I was tegur-ing her: "wei don't so sampat can or not, cry for what, not like I'm gone forever also or not going to contact you until I go back mah, wei I SAY DON'T CRY LIAO..."

Had Hui Jen accompanied me to walk around and look for make-up remover cuz I packed mine in the checked luggage. Couldn't find any affordable ones though. My eyes were so irritated by the fake lashes because I didn't put them on correctly...

Note to self: NEVER put heavy make-up again before you have a long flight!!!

Oh, almost forgot this. My nail decoration was super stupid because it didn't only look cheap but also, after the blings dropped off, I realized that...

... my nails literally corroded because I used super glue to stick the blings. Smart la.

Our plane was delayed 40 minutes. I changed into slippers during the waiting period. Then we boarded at .... forgot what time liao. Somewhere near 12am?

28-hours journey to Wisconsin (transits at Seoul, Korea and Chicago) kicked off.

ps: I've been starving since that bowl of cereal 6 hours ago, because I was too reluctant to leave my laptop before I'm done with this post. Only if I'm this committed to studies......

Appreciation notes

Dear Michelle: Thanks for the effort trying to come and send me off at the airport, it doesn't matter at all that you couldn't make it, your sincerity is all that counts :) Please take good care of yourself in Singapore, I hope that you'll soon get opportunities to art career, make sure you grab them instantly when the day comes! Support from me across the Pacific Ocean! *heart*

Dear Wanyu: Thanks for the 1 hour plus international phone call few days before departure, it was totally unexpected that you phoned me again from Australia few minutes before I flew off!!! We shall skype soon after I'm done with this semester! No need to wish you good luck in studies since you're doing well muahahaa. Just make sure you don't do big-head-prawn stuffs again. *hugs*