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Saturday, November 19, 2011

My First Apartment in USA

I had a struggle before publishing this post. Was very worried to reveal my location to some random psychos out there, who are so obsessed with me and might come over to rape/assassinate me. I'm serious.

All the fault of

If you haven't played the game, I recommend you to give a try. Grant permission for it to access your Facebook information, then enjoy the show ;)

Anyway here are the pictures of the place I live:

No exaggeration, this totally describes the life of tenants inside my apartment

The wooden staircase makes very loud quaky sound every time we stumble over

 A lot of storage space yes, but we're short Asians so the top row is basically useless

The record is 10 bags of smelly trash in the kitchen, 8 bags behind the back door

apparently the notice I put is transparent

I also put another invisible notice at the wall (not shown here not because it is really invisible okay). My housemates have too much sympathy for microorganisms. My reaction? Frustration --> indifference.

Monthly rental for each person is $360 excluding heat, gas, internet, electricity and furniture. Awesome much? You know why? Because these seniors (my housemates) were dragging for months to sign up for apartments we spotted, we missed 3 apartments before choosing this. 

Now you know why the word "first" in the post title?

Sorry can't share the pictures of my housemates without their permission. This is quite close though:

At least it is quite near to some of the school building. The rooms are spacious too.

The real width of the closet is till the two ends of the wall

don't judge me thank you

View from my window:

The desk I bought from Amazon:

I assembled the pieces on my own without anybody's help okay! Living Skills subject (Kemahiran Hidup) taken during Form 1-3 (Year 7-9) is proven to be useful. And Daddy should be proud that I inherited his carpenter's talent somewhat... say hi to my eye bags and dark circles caused by jet lag.


On the temporary air bed I bought. Had trouble returning it. Will blog about it in another post.

So this is how far I have traveled:

okay Malaysia is so freaking tiny the arrow covers it all wtf.

Sorry for the tulan ambivalent tone, it's because I'm trying very hard not to complain about my housemates and the apartment itself...

If you wonder why I am not moving out.... well the lease ends next fall.

N.e.v.e.r.m.i.n.d. *zen*



  1. hoi the map is against the cartographic connotation of veracity lololol

    eh your apartment cantik lah T.T jelly okay

  2. KHB proven to be really useful huh? LOL! Nice apartment, i see its winter there now? Must be super cold. :)

  3. Yes lol! ERT part not really helping though. Transition from fall to winter now, still tolerable :)

  4. Mas Omri what language you talking i no understand. Cantik kepala kau can't you see it's dirty like dunno what walao eh.

  5. the living area looks okay what. only the trash and sink scary a bit lah. lol.

  6. eh mine looks scarier sometimes okay

  7. just read this post. hoho your housmates must be so 'hardworking'. dont you girls have a fight btween each other?

    if i were you, i couldn't stand with these type of people :P just saying

  8. :/ Omg.. I am totally speechless, I don't even wanna share with this type of people. Can't you choose somewhere else to stay without them? ><

  9. Already signed the lease mah. And got used to it already... this wasn't the worse okay. Ini lagi teruk: