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Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Magic of Photoshop

I've always loved photoshop, esp MeiTuXiuXiu which I have been using for almost two years, but I never get soooooo amazed by its ability to auto-correct pictures until I did this:

Just one click on 去雾 and it becomes:

Walao eh seems like my camera is super awesome,
but in fact it's PHOTOSHOP!!!

I blogged about MeiTuXiuXiu before and demonstrated the use of it to beautify faces. My skills that time was not as pro, you can scroll down this post and see the effect I made to my face, although obviously I didn't plan to really beautify my face in that picture lah, just to show you what I could do using that software.

But since then MeiTuXiuXiu has upgraded several times and my skills are reaching professional level. No proof no talk, it's time to prove to you my talent:

Okay I'm dead, this face is so raw and nude, what can I do to beautify it???

wait for it


It does look fake and creepy I know, because I spent only 5 minutes on it! And you can imagine how far I can go if I spent 30 minutes on one picture!!!

Side-to-side comparison:

Now you know why I have to emphasize that my pictures are not edited when I post natural-looking chio shots of myself?

Anyone wanna hire me as personal photo editor? Price negotiable.

Update: The next post has a better demonstration



  1. im best at crop & paste on photoshop :P

  2. MeiTuXiuXiu is 100% in Chinese -____________-