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Friday, November 11, 2011

I don't need your "concerns"

Not giving a fuck on how you think does not mean that I'm going to stay quiet and let you impose all your llamafucking assumptions/accusations onto me, it just means that what you think about me is not gonna make any changes to the way I live my life--yes I do get annoyed how you love to interfere and give all those "meant to be constructive" advice, and yes I also said that I don't give a fuck about what you think--I give a fuck about the ACTION not the CONTENT of your interference, get the distinction correct before you try to outsmart me and point out "oh so why do you defend/rant if you truly don't give a damn what i think?"

Only if you understand how annoying these retarded llamafuckers are. Next time I shall just act stupid and ignorant (which I really am, both stupid and ignorant) until it bores/annoys you enough to shut you up and finally convince you to mind your own business.

And please don't classify "saving friends from hell they dunno they are in" or "stopping friends from creating more loss in their lives" under "your business" thank you.

I have stopped forcing my life philosophy onto people, so do me the same favor. To enjoy or suffer, to be a bitch or an angel is my choice and my life. Your concern is not needed. Not that I think I am perfect or too good to take any advice, it's because whatever wrongs I do, there is something called karma to teach me lessons, which I believe to be a better advisor and teacher than you are. I'll never be perfect anyway, no matter I listen to you or not, and if watching me fall makes you happy, let me tell you, I'm going to be fucking successful and happy in the end, so fuck you, go get a life, focus on improving your own defects before you give a damn about mine.

Any provocative comments will be deleted.


  1. Hi, nice blog. /non-provocative

  2. Eh no need like this lah. Provocative = against my stand. Heh

  3. apparently the best song for this post :)