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Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Hair Day + Photoshop

I used to have happy hair like this...

Then I realized my hair could get happier after the cold weather here started.  

Electron balance. Sparkles in and on my blanket every morning when I wake up and tried to get out of my bed.

And you think it's fun. Perhaps not.

This is what happened to me after I tried to tidy my hair up on a windy afternoon of 3 degree Celsius, with my gloves on:

TITLE: The importance of electron balance

On the bus...
*le people noticed my hair
*le people tried to look away
*le people looked at me again and tried not to LOL

And my hair was sticking to my face the whole bus ride till I reached home.

How to save this with photoshop I don't even

But wait.

I said before, photoshop can save EVERYTHING as long as you have the skills.

And I have the skills.

Well should make the eye-lining lighter. Too dark. Lazy lah aiya so late liao wanna sleep. Nevertheless it's better than the original picture?

Feel free to share the link of the comparison picture if my skills stuns you :D


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