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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flight, Transit & Arriving USA

Read Pre-departure talk, Packing & Flying off to USA first. lol

On the plane of Malaysian Airlines (MAS)...

had my nerdy spec on after I removed my eye make-up

lucky Rabbit! He is the only plush I brought over from Malaysia!

Buttons to turn on/off the light, ask for service from stewardess, put on "don't disturb" signal and a hole where you can plug earphone in to listen to the radio.

a small hand-made gift from Chee Ling

They were playing Water for Elephant starred by Robert Pattinson. I watched the whole movie. It was about how the leader of a circus mistreated the elephant and the gymnastic lady, and one day Robert Pattinson released the animals from their cages and the tortured elephant killed the leader. Then he took over the circus and married the lady.

Arabic subtitle o_O
 Korean movie
steward and food trolley on the aisle
Senior stewardess taking away empty plates. Make your own remark... :X lol

my first meal on plane!

After 10 plus hours, we arrived at Incheon International Airport, Seoul, North Korea.

I can't remember the duration of flight and the exact time of arrival because-- trust me, it's not something you would want to care about when you fly to countries of different time zones and get jet-lag like hell.

And I didn't sleep during flight to avoid jet-lag. But heck, a long flight without much space for your legs was tiring... yet I still had semangat to camwhore.

planking, owl-ing, horseman-ing? Outdated already! This is the new style!
(crappy camera with lousy lighting. duh.)

Made thousand attempts before my phone call back home finally got connected. Just to inform my family that I safely arrived Korea. The roaming charge was crazy. Talked for only 1 minutes plus and got charged for RM 6 if not mistaken. (dunno why i am so forgetful about the numbers)

Oh and, I did something shameless at the airport. And I'm still proud of it to recall it now.

I changed into singlet and played China Yoyo there. Indoor yes. Because I totally bring along my China Yoyo in my hand-carried luggage. Despite the fact that I had not played it for 2 years plus, I was fucking bored and started showing off wtf.

And then a security guard walked near me...

... and asked me to teach him. HAHAHAHAHA. He failed his first attempt and walked away. Then 5 minutes later he walked back and asked if he could try again. I let him. LOL

Then we went through the custom...

shopping area after we went through the custom! (it was otherwise at KLIA)

on escalator, too tired to walk. Hui Jen's face totally explained the fatigue

Rabbit sleeping in my handbag

Korean culture center

tourists in the free event. I didn't see the fun to join. Probably they're too bored.

the stage at the center

waiting area

On Korean Airline, I slept like I was dead so I didn't manage to take pictures of the stewardess. Anyway here are some pictures I googled, just to show you how young and beautiful they are!

I love their uniform!!! Their attitude was damn nice too. All of them had that hostile smile and feminine soft voice! But I swear all Korean stewardess on my flight had nose job. The same with 80% of the Korean passengers, including male. I know because I once read about how to tell fake nose from natural ones. It wasn't too hard to notice. When two Korean girls of my age were lining up in front of the toilet... well I don't understand Korean but the hand gestures were so obvious I was 200% sure they were discussing about the nose jobs they had!

I also want to do cosmetic surgery in Korea lah T_T next flight back to Malaysia must transit at Korea and have surgeries there... but no money.

The meal I had after I woke up:

I didn't eat the salmon cuz it was too raw. Such a waste I know!!! Didn't get to taste the wine on plane too!

After 6-hour flight, at Chicago O'Hare International Airport...

couldn't wait to get it over :(

McDonald's menu! Where is my favorite Fillet-O-Fish?
(btw burger is called sandwich here)

I'm sure sexual abuse on children is also an issue in Malaysia, but nobody give a damn to raise the awareness.  #differencebetweenfirstandthirdworldcountries


are luxuries still considered luxuries when they are affordable?

Papaya like this is sold in Malaysia i wonder people would wanna eat it even if it's free.

the heck?


blogger style. And thank you tailor for the bamboo stick cutting.

the waiting area

peeled off the blings on my nails. idk why i glued them on in the first place

INTI-JPA kids. Suddenly I was thankful for the outfit. It's better to look overdressed than to be mistaken as a bunch of spoiled brats...

Two bloggers took pictures of each other taking pictures of each other. This is famous blogger Masrudy Omri, some of the pictures of myself in this post are stolen from his FB albums.

Finally, after the last 20-minute flight, we arrived at Dane County Regional Airport at Madison...

 a sea of luggage

Malaysian seniors were already there waiting for us. They took us to our apartments. Too nice of them! And there was a big bunch of Malaysian JPA scholars at University of Wisconsin-Madison, more than 50 I think

Later, we were sent to our apartments by the two American coordinators. My apartment was completely unoccupied, I was the first who moved in o_O it's like moving into an abandoned haunted house but I am not afraid of ghosts so it didn't bother me. What bothered me was the unfurnished condition. Beth (one of the coordinators) drove me to AT&T to get a phone line, then to Target to get some basic groceries. We were done around 9pm, and then I found out that she didn't have dinner yet! So nice of her right? I was so blessed to get treatment like this on the first day in United States! Thank you God :)

And I slept on the coach left by previous tenants on the first two nights in Madison.



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