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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Colorful Scarf for my first Autumn

Well Americans use the word fall instead of autumn.

Bought this colorful scarf from Amazon (ultimate US online shopping site, you can find almost everything there) and am deeply in love with it. Posting this just to show you how a beautiful scarf can lighten up your whole outfit! 

Actually it just serves as an excuse to post my camwhore pics. lol

double eye lids, lashes and colored lens added by PS

double eye lids, lashes and colored lens added by PS

double eye lids, lashes and colored lens added by PS

no edit on my face, only added vintage effect

edited right eyebrow

My friends were commenting on my Facebook personal account saying that this picture is so beautiful and nice because it doesn't look like me at all. Thank you -_- for praising my self-shooting skill. And Zack commented something like 'see, you look prettier without make-up'... ahem, I have not removed my eye make-up when I took this! My light grey eyeshadow was not obvious just because of lower angle of shooting lah.

How come nobody commented about my boobs? Thought I PS them?!

Clarification: My boobs in real life and in the picture are original and natural. #truth

Someone doubts my photoshop skills because the demonstration in the previous post is not natural, although I already stated that I spent only 5 minutes to PS that. I take that as a challenge (yes I'm so easily provoked), so I'm showing you this picture which I almost deleted:

 My usual dead-fish-eyes look

Almost deleted this because close shots without make-up need extensive PS, and I usually avoid heavy PS because if I fail, it will appear creepy; if I succeed, it will give people false expectation on my real-life nude face. Neither is good.

Apparently when I shot this I have removed all traces of make-up, no foundation, no blush, no lip gloss, no eye make-up. I hate my eyes here, single eye lids with small irises are hopeless to look seductive. Either double eye lids or bigger irises would transform my eyes totally. I'm so tempted to go for surgery lahhh.

Cannot say fml though, because despite all these I'm thankful for my features.

And photoshop can save everything, as long as you have the skills:

Have faith in my photoshop skills now? Can re-consider hiring me as your personal photo editor or not? :D

Ala no need to reassure me that the before picture is good enough lah, I know it, I still teekee wanna make my pictures more model-like. Just a personal preference for expression of art okay? :P

More Crap Fashion posts coming!



  1. Hi nice shots and pretty cool scarf. Autumn is a beautiful time everywhere. Stroll by roads filled with falling leaves in the coldness of the day. Pls do drop by for my story, thks:)

  2. Thanks! I just visited your blog, good writing :)