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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Turn over a new leaf

Enough of giving less than 50% of my full force in studies. Hate being eaten up by regret after every quiz/test/exam.

And enough of settling for 'slight above average' too. Hate the feeling that I'm putting my potential to waste.

When was the last time I gave 101% effort? 3 years ago? Where has the spirit gone?

I have enough of all these. Enough of being the second (or even third, forth, fifth) best of myself.

This moment is the new beginning of my academic life.

I was born to succeed. Sit back and watch.


ps: A new leaf is green too. My blog posts are so coherent right?


  1. I was eating spaghetti and your ps made me choked myself -__-

  2. *Like* for the ' i was born to succeed'. made me think of lady gaga new album