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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Kuala Lumpur Road Trip

I'm kinda sick of this and i want to get rid of this last post about trip in Malaysia ASAP because it has been bugging my mind for a very long time since I kept procrastinating so I'm not gonna narrate much.

Just pictures and captions.

I could only recognize Tun Mahathir, any idea who the 2 people beside him were?

Tongue twister, beginner level: A seahorse in human form wearing a T-shirt with 2 seahorses on top standing beside a seahorse board.

KTM station

Hindu temple with detailed sculpture

colors of the capital

hawker stalls

Petaling Street (Chee Cheong Kai, 茨厂街). Flooded with Malaysians and angmoh foreigners. Along the street were stalls selling wallets, batik, shoes, watches, luggage bags, handbags, caps, key chains, magnets, T-shirts and nothing else.

The best graffiti I have ever seen in Malaysia!

everywhere is a mixture of antiquity and modernization

we went to eat Taiwanese snowflake

This thing vibrates and lights up when your order is ready.

yammy (lame pun)

客家咸茶 Direct translation: Hakka Salty Tea. It's a set of dishes actually, all these were to be mixed with rice and eaten, then you drink the "salty tea", a bowl of yuckish concentrated green soup--salty, minty, bitter, dunno-how-to-describe taste. Basically it's very rare for non-Hakkanese to even be able to accept the taste. It is said to be the essence of the whole set and good for health, but meh, we almost puked and hence wasted several bowls of the soup because nobody was able to continue after few sips! (except the 2 Hakka dudes who finished their soup in amazing speed)

National Art Gallery:

The end.

Crazenne, xoxo

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