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Monday, October 3, 2011

Kite-playing at Metropolitan Park, Kepong

The previous post is very interesting with 80 pictures go check it out now if you haven't!!!

Thank you. *bow*

I have a test tomorrow and an assignment due on Tuesday and I have not studied ANYTHING yet. I dunno why the fucking cow I'm blogging here instead.

Somehow I wish that I'm sponsored not to study here but just to stay here and blog about the States from a Malaysian student blogger's perspective...... okay I just used the word 'student' when I identified myself. FML.

But it might come true? #DreamBig and #NeverSayNever as preached by Justin Bieber... (?!)

I need to interview myself. Hang on.

Q: Why am I not studying or doing my assignment?
A: Because I'm so stressed I can't start.
Q: Why am I so stressed?
A: Because I haven't started studying or doing my assignment.

Yea... rite... so why the fuck are you complaining?!

This is gonna be a short post.

We went to Heaven (Ah God's House) to stay for one night before we went to USA Embassy to get our VISA approved. The day I arrived, I just recovered from a fever and my nose was still a little bit runny. Yet activities planned had to be carried out!

"Can I stay here?" I crawled up into a ball on the bed.
"No." Ah God was very stern.
"I'm sick?"
"NO. Nobody can stay in the heaven. Everyone must come."

But luckily they did force me to tag along. Worth it! (what lame transition is this...)

huge kites on sale

smaller kites

This one with Chinese traditional opera actor's face attracted us, but it costs RM60 wtf?! Forget about it.

Walking to kite-playing field after we bought 2 colorful kites. Well I really was sick, see how pale my face was?!

Physical sickness does not just make H.P.D go away okay? H.P.D is a mental illness decoded in my genes!!! RAWR!

Ah God and his believers/followers attempting to fly the kite

Who say sick cannot camwhore?

Overly PS-ed picture...

Feel free to use this picture if you wanna set up a hate site ^_^ to give me more traffic of course. It might be happening soon because I have started getting sour comments from haters. But only 2 made it to stay on this blog so far, the rest were so lame and pointless I just deleted them. Haters never get creative I dunno why. Sigh.

Suggestion for caption: Ghoul Crazenne, Hottest Female Ghost EVER.

It surprised me that my ancient SAMSUNG L100 could actually capture this!

photo-bumped by Biscuit 囧

One more try! A camwhore never gives up!

"You don't want to play ah?"
"Don't want."
"Aiyo you're here already... play a bit lah."
"Don't want."
*hands string to me*
"...... fine."


My way of kite-playing!

Shoe brand: Power
Bought at: Bata, New Jusco, Melaka
Price: RM60
Feature: Good for walking, running, camwhoring and playing kites.


Magic show by Spongebob...... ready...

Poof! OMG the shoe was flying!!! Magical or not?!

Then we girls got bored and went around to explore...

a group of Malay camwhores doing stupid stunts by the lake...

beautiful sunset

We shamelessly went to interrupt the camwhore group by camwhoring at the same spot. Note my skinny arms and awesome hair! The face was so sick-looking and pale I don't even know how to PS.

Hence it didn't matter to go even uglier.

Shot by KerMing. Not as hot as usual but I LIKE! :D

Because not looking hot in all pictures is my face problem and not the photographer's problem I know it shut up bye bye.

Cincai post cincai-ly ended.


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