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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Have been sleeping in pain and waking up in frustration for the past 24 hours 2 assignments due this week undone haven't studied for fucking stupid organic chemistry and stupid fucking exam doesn't provide periodic table and pKa table and how am i supposed to fucking memorize all or fucking predict which are going to come out my room is so fucking messy strings of hair anywhere plus stains of split milk and some unknown dirt and i'm fucking lacking appetite but hungry but no good food in the house and no boyfriend in the room to cuddle no cat in the house to sniff i miss Notty so much want to cry fuck this ESL no credit and not graded and workload still super heavy if no do next sem have to retake wtf is this want to blog no time to write proper blog no mood to blog want to buy Juicy Couture but so fucking expensive go rob a bank lah fuck you money-sucking company want to rest more but feel guilty want to do some work but cannot concentrate want to Facebook but cannot get myself addicted to it because this week is gonna be busy and i will get killed if i don't start being productive now fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Why am i so fucking kesian

fuck my life for now.
very sad Crazenne