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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ipoh 6 ❣ Taoist Cave Temples 灵仙洞 & 南天洞

This is the first time Chinese characters appear in my post title. Therefore, this is a...


Present to you, two very cute doll-like dogs

Brown one: 灵仙洞
White one: 南天洞


okay. okay i know.

but how can you expect me to be sane after looking up for alien terms and philosophers' background on google for the fucking whole night???

I had no idea how the fuck "otwnaximaliderz" appeared in my note. Turned out it's probably Anaximander, one of the famous dead philosophers.


Okay back to the dogs.

They were spotted at pasar malam (night market) on the first night of my Ipoh trip. When I saw them from far, I told Spongy "omg they look so real!" thinking that they were random decorative stuffed dolls. As we walked nearer, I realized they were moving and I went "eh pakai batteri punya?"

Spongy totally ignored me. Perhaps he didn't hear me, or thought I was too retarded.

Then I realized that they were real dogs. #fail

Ipoh Trip 1--Ipoh Railway Station
Ipoh Trip 2--Mini Harbour Bridge & Riverfront Park
Ipoh Trip 3--Colorful Historical Buildings
Ipoh Trip 4--St. Michael Institution & my REBELLION
Ipoh Trip 5--Yummy Local Food & Drinks

This post is gonna be short because of a serious lack of pictures. All 4 cameras were running out of battery when we visited these 2 cave temples.

Ling Sen Tong (灵仙洞) was the first temple we visited that day.

If you wonder why the characters appear different from what I typed, that's because I typed simplified character. The one in the photo is traditional characters "Ling Sen Yan (岩)" (read from right to left) but the English version came out as Ling Sen Tong and I dunno why.

洞 means cave.
岩 means rock.

I think both make sense since.... cave is made up of rock?

There are a hell lot of statues here, and you probably can't name all of them, as some of them are actually not popular among Chinese Taoists.

Well, it's a fact that Chinese Taoists in Malaysia made statues of whatever they feel like worshiping, be it human or animal or semi-human, real-life or fictional.

Whaaaaaat. True what!

wah this is a patriotic temple

Don't you think the mermaid looks like a merman with long hair and the pair look like underwater homosexual couple? o_O

And visitors attempted to throw coins into the bowls in their hands. Very typical thing to do when a statue with some sort of container is put in the middle of water.

Such action is a derived form of donation to the temples. Yep.

Yue Lao (月老), the god of marriage.

A unicorn without a horn a.k.a A flying horse in Chinese legend??

view from top of the temple building

Next to Lin Sen Tong is another cave temple, Nan Tien Tong (南天洞). This is Longevity Bridge.

No other photos taken in Nan Tien Tong because we were saving the last 2% of battery for Guan Yin Tong temple which we visited last.

Behind the blue-green gate is yet another adjacent cave temple, San Bao Tong, which we didn't get to visit because it was closed on that day.

I had to make this picture darker because the sun was too bright... Ipoh's weather was really super hot. (I know I already mentioned this in my previous post). We were complaining, ranting, but now that we are suffering the cold in different states of America, I think we all share the same nostalgia about Malaysia's weather... right???

Damn I miss the heat laaaaa walao eh.

Last but not least, a photo of bromance:


It's windy here tonight...


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Ipoh 5 ❣ Yummy local food & drinks

I'm finally writing a nutritious blog post! Hooray!!!

Just realized that blogging debts bug me so much, more than studying debts do. I think this somehow means I'm turning into a top blogger soon hehehehe.

And to get everything back on the right track, I decided to resume proper blogging! :D

Know what, this is the first time I feel sooooo gooooood after 2 miserable weeks of heavy workload (although I spent time to complete only 20% of it)!!! I literally feel like screaming right now. Omg omg.

Okay enough updates. Keep the rest for future posts.

Anyway..... I have a few words for my readers. *clear throat*

To my new readers:

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erm...... squirrel-chaser?

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Masrudy, I hear you--"Walao eh you've been in Madison for three months and you're still blogging about this never-ending 3-month-ago Ipoh trip series?!!"

Er yes. I don't want to mess up the timeline. And before I blog about my life in Madison, I have 7 more posts to do:
--2 Ipoh posts
--2 KL road trip posts
--1 pre-departure post
--1 on-flight post
--1 transit post

Which means you have to wait at most 14 more days to finally have me write about Madison.

Now let's get started with the main thing. I have a feeling that the main thing will be shorter than the 'prelude' up there.

I'm just gonna briefly introduce the special food and drinks I had in Ipoh, which cannot be found anywhere else. Don't blame me if this post makes you miss Malaysia food... especially you Ipoh people :P

But I don't I can induce much homesickness, I suck at describing food. My tongue can only classify food into 3 types, which are....

highly edible, edible and inedible.


This was the first kopitiam (traditional coffee shop) we went.

Dry laksa noodles... I think? Highly edible.

Correct me if I get this wrong! It's pretty confusing when people from different states in Malaysia define curry, curry laksa, laksa and asam laksa differently. When Penang people say 'laksa', they mean 'curry' and when Ipoh people say 'laksa', they mean 'asam laksa'. And Johor people call everything 'laksa'???

I found the last phrase amusing. Heh.

White Coffee is what Ipoh is most famous for. Click on the picture to read.

White Coffee is not white though, the color is like Nescafe, and the taste was superb!!! It's not something you can imagine if you have only tried those made from white coffee powder!

It's more kao (thick?) than Kopi O, and you can taste 2 layers--

Gee I dunno how to put this into words! But mind you, the 2 layers thing is detected only in hot white coffee. So don't go and order iced one then accuse me of bluffing okay.

Lemon white coffee invented by moi (me in French, pronounced as mua)

Fried dumpling

leaving the kopitiam

the making of G-cheong-fun

G-cheong-fun with sauce. This is how it looks like after the thin layer is rolled up.

Traditional taufufah shop. What 'Funny Mountain' lah my God -.- crappy translation!

It was mid-noon, boiling hot and people were willing to line up for it!

The line was way longer, the end of the queue was in the middle of the street. No pictures because my camera battery already died.

It looked like normal taufufah, but only half the amount shown in the picture below.

But it tasted more delicious than normal taufufah! We regretted for buying only 3 bowls for 8 people T_T

The shop also sold soy drink in bottles. Extra yummy too~

Pegaga extract, called 崩大碗 in Chinese, a very common drink in Ipoh. You can find it almost everywhere.

I saw it at pasar malam during my first night in Ipoh. Bought a pack and regretted because it tasted like grass.

Anyway, me and 7 other people forced ourselves to finish it because we somehow knew that it's good for health. Our instinct was right. A week after my Ipoh trip, Sin Chew Rit Poh (newspapers) published an article saying that this drink is very beneficial to our bodies. It relieves cough, fever, flu etc, and most importantly, it help you release excessive body heat which I believe that Ipoh people do need it a lot, because the hot weather in Ipoh is crazy.

Pegaga. Yea rite, how can it tastes like flower when it is grass -.-

Sprouts and chicken, another famous food in Ipoh. They come in a package.

I didn't find it special though... I'm not fancy about Chinese food :X

whereas this dude is fancy about everything edible.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Molting toes

Molting, a.k.a. sloughing, shedding, or ecdysis in certain species.

I must warn you that the pictures in this post are not very pleasant to eyes.

Proceed only if you are not eating/drinking, and don't mind to risk your appetite.
(because you WILL think of these pictures when you have your next meal, trust me.)

So are you ready

you sure?

no time to regret now


The last one is not a toe (obviously) though. Meh.

and the question is...

(cheh, not gross at all okay. so normal.)

Thank me if you save some money on food. ^^

Btw, the wrinkles prove how dry my skin is. Hate Madison weather.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Google Search autofill is siao

Have you ever seen people printscreen funny Google search autofill? I decided to give it a try. These are the outcome:

This is indeed a pointless pre-written crap post. Any conclusion to draw?

See see, told you I'm a psychic, I knew I'm gonna be busy like hell once classes start!

Took zillions of photos and don't even have time to filter, choose, edit and upload them yet. So many updates to write too but no time to. omgwtfbbq.

Check back next week, you know you love my blog.