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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Symbolic and Comic Drawings

I dunno why people are usually shocked at the first sight seeing this. Very gruesome meh?

This was painted by mua 5 years ago. Each item in the drawing contains its own symbolic meaning. Try to decipher it on your own first, I will reveal some hints at the end of this post.

I inherit the artistic blood from my father, who can draw and paint very well. He works as a carpenter.

If you think carpenter's job is easy... no no no no no. Every time my father receives an order, he has to investigate interior architecture of the customer's house/shop, measure the space available for furniture, design a few sets of furniture for the customer to choose from (size, shape, material, color), then brings the furniture into existence, and finally sets them up in the customer's house/shop. It's not easy to satisfy the customers, when they choose a color, the furniture has to come up as the exact one they choose; sometimes they refuse to pay when they purposely make a fuss saying that it doesn't look as good as in the drafts, then my poor father has to redo the whole set again, because customers are always right. Sigh.

I'm not sure how my parents discover my talent in art... maybe they just wanted me to be good at it? They sent me to art class since I was five. I started joining on-spot coloring contests at seven; at eight, I already learned pencil-sketching and portrait-drawing.

I stopped attending art class at ten. I didn't like the contest-oriented way of teaching, and I hate having to do typical drawings like this and this. I want to produce drawings and paintings that express the deepest emotions, like The Scream, one of my favorite famous paintings. I blogged about it here.

You know how boring some classes are; when you can't talk and can't focus, the best way to stay awake is to doodle. I doodled the below during secondary school years:

doodled during English examination in Form 3


depression, self-doubt

inspired by some random vampire comics

Hunter X Hunter

Back to the first picture. That ghost is wearing a cloak, black at outside and red at inside. What thing wears cloak and carry a cane? What phase of life do candies remind you of, and what stage of mind does this phase of life represent?

The axe and the lock, the digged-out single eye, the out-of-place mouth, the skull hanging at the cloak, they all symbolize something, it's no fun if I tell you each one ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It has been full moon for too long, so long that spider has made a web on it. 


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