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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ipoh 2 ❣ Mini Harbour Bridge & Riverfront Park

Before I start, I have some thoughts to spill out.

I'm a Christian with critical thinking and rationality, or what you call, a liberal Christian. Often, conservative Christians who hold on to superficial faith and blindly believe everything recorded in the Bible piss me off real bad.

God gives us brains for a reason.

Due to these people, I somehow feel I'm going further from Christianity (or just the form of Christianity I know, those preached in Malaysian churchs). Honestly, compared to stubborn and close-minded Christians, I'd rather discuss about religion with free thinkers. Or educated Muslims.

I have a lot to say when it comes to religion, especially Christianity, but let me keep it for future until believers of Angelica Zambrano's testimonial finally outrages me beyond the limit.

Now, now, what does this have to do with Ipoh trip? Nothing. It's irrelevant lol~ because nothing special happened during our visit to these 2 spots and I don't want this post to look so dry lah.

Ipoh Trip 1--Ipoh Railway Station

Have you heard of Mini Harbour Bridge in Ipoh?

This morning, we woke up early to discover interesting spots in Ipoh. Mini Harbour Bridge was our first destination. It is located at Kinta River Front.

The river and bridge hide behind a hawker place at the road side.

Here we walked down to the river side.

There, Mini Harbour Bridge is indeed mini.

It doesn't look artistic from near...

The developer is planning to build several pedestrian bridges across Kinta River. These bridges will be mini duplication of few world famous bridges, such as London Tower Bridge. As of now only two completed--a copy of Sydney Harbour Bridge and a copy of San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.

Views from the top of the bridge:

Note the rubbish floating on the river. Malaysians. *sigh*

The hawker place which was closed in the morning.

The white paint was shedding already.

Should have turned on the flash.

Another spot close to nature we went was Riverfront Park, developed by National Landscape Department.

The most special garbage disposal place I've seen in Malaysian parks. But how do they dispose the garbage inside when it's full???

the scenes are very beautiful

Even the lamp posts have some designs on

Note the hidden path

The path led me up here. This is the back side of that wall in the previous picture.

another staircase to lead us up there

there was no water inside though...

The Bougainvillea Walk

Vertical landscape feature. There was water in the blue pool.

playground beside the vertical landscape

I'm such a creative photographer. Would be better if they wore skirts.

They were being extra careful riding on see-saw, as they both have the same vulnerable organ~

... whereas I found my way to suicide

Say hi to this bunch of 20-year-old kids!

what the hell was he doing?

oh, to set timer and join us here!

Will I ever stop being an attention-seeker?! No.

Ipoh Trip 3: Colorful Historical Buildings



  1. I don't have much patience for those who blindly follow without questioning either. And also those who act all holier than thou and preachy. Which is why I think some people believe in God but not in organised religion.

  2. Exactly. Their faith is blind and superficial, whereas the 'God' they believe in is imaginary and delusional. When you challenge them with some questions and they can't answer you, they will call you a serpent or say you're going to hell... Rubbish.