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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ipoh 1 ❣ Ipoh Railway Station

It might be nothing special to you if you come from Ipoh, but Ipoh Train Station is so far the second most beautiful one I've seen.

Mind you, railway route I've taken is as far as from Segamat to Ipoh. There is no other stations as grand and well-built as Ipoh's one, except Kuala Lumpur Railway Station.

Anyway please allow me to rant first. It's a long-winded story.

My JPA gang planned to have an Ipoh trip on the 3rd week of June. A few days before the trip, I was back to INTI-IU to run some errands. Since I already traveled that far to Nilai, I decided to go a little further to join the trip.

Actually the main attraction was photo-shooting offered by Cling's photographer friend lah, or else I would hesitate more :P I'll blog about the photo-shooting after I get all the photos! Took 400+ and I only got like 40+ so far. John the photographer is busy, he has no time to process all pictures yet. I dunno why he doesn't want to give me all first lor, I think with my photoshopping skills I can definitely do a good job in a shorter time...

Ok lah never mind must respect the photographer ^^

Back to the story. I was supposed to meet 2 friends, Ah God (KahWai) and Spongebob (ChewWei) at Rawang, then take train with them to Ipoh. They bought the ticket of 10.05am train for me.

By estimation:
INTI-IU to Nilai Railway Station by bus--30 minutes
Nilai Railway Station to Rawang Railway Station by commuter--1 hour 30 minutes
Conclusion--2 hours in a total

Ah God (I'll tell you about the origin of this name when I blog about Ipoh Guan Yin Tong some time later) told me to give it extra 1 hour in case anything happened and held me back. So I left INTI-IU at 7.00a.m.

The bus came at 7.10a.m. I reached Nilai Railway Station at 7.40a.m. Caught the commuter at 7.45a.m. Was supposed to reach Rawang at 9.15a.m.

45 minutes more till 10.05a.m. I thought there was no way I could be late.

Jesus knows why... I went off the commuter when it reached KL Central. I sensed something wrong, so I walked back in, and I stepped out again.

The commuter left. I stared at it blankly...

And suddenly I realized that I should stay on the commuter until it reached Rawang!!!
Why the fuck did I come out?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh because an idiot who has never been to Rawang told me that I need to switch commuter at KL Central! Although I checked and found out I don't have to, the words sipped into my subconsciousness!!!

15 minutes passed. I started to panic. It was already 9.10a.m. Spongebob called me and I told them I stupidly got myself stuck at KL Central. They started to worry, but they said if the train came in 15 minutes, I could still arrive on time.

The next commuter came at 9.20a.m. I wasn't sure if I could make it, I kept texting to tell them my current locations. They told me if everything was smooth, I could reach at 9.50a.m. I relaxed a little.

he idiotic commuter got stuck at some random jungle place for 3 minutes. After it stopped at dunno-what station, a door failed to close and another 5 minutes gone. Then it reached another station and stopped there for 12 minutes!!! WTF!!! Meaning I was gonna reach Rawang at 10.10a.m.!!!

At this point my head couldn't stop mumbling to itself. I was putting the last hope on Law of Attraction--I visualized the train delayed!!!

10 minutes away from Rawang (10.00 a.m.), they called and told me the train already arrived! At 10.07a.m. they said everyone was on the train already. I asked them to hold the train driver back as long as they could. They asked me to run to the opposite side once I reached. My heart was about to jump out of my chest.

At 10.10a.m., I could finally see Rawang Railway Station... reaching... reaching... reached!!! I quickly stepped out from commuter and...


Ah God and Spongebob said they stood there and watched 'one train comes, one train goes'. They told the train driver I was reaching in 1 minute, but that stupid rule-abiding fellow insisted to go when he already saw my commuter coming!!! Wait 1 more minute will die isit?! Already late for 5 minutes what WAIT 30 SECONDS MORE WILL DIE ISIT?!

It was my fault that Ah God and Spongebob missed the train, I would feel guilty if I let them buy tickets for the next train. The next train was ETS (Electric Train Service), each ticket at student price costs RM27.

Bus: RM1.50
Commuter: more than RM5, I forgot
Train I missed: RM18
EST: 3 x RM27

WTF I spent over RM100 to travel from Nilai to Ipoh kill meeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!! KILL MEEEEEEEE

On ETS to Ipoh I couldn't manage to talk. I was blaming the whole world.

I blamed the idiot who planted false info into my subconsciousness... (although I should pay more alert)
I blamed the KTM for unexpected stops... (although I should know KTM is always like that and have it counted in)

I blamed Ah God and Spongebob for not stopping the train driver to go onto train using uncivilized ways before I arrived... (although I know they are civilized, and have tried their best)

I blamed the train driver for being so merciless... (although he was just doing his job)
I blamed Ah God and Spongebob for not taking the train...
(although they were being kind to wait for me, and never asked me to pay for them)

I even developed the-train-we-missed-was-going-to-crash-in-accident theory to comfort myself. I didn't mean to curse the passengers and crews, but 80% time on ETS, I was trying to convince myself that the made-up story was true.

How pathetic... :(

Anyway, ETS was truly efficient! We arrived at the exact time stated on our ticket!!!

The 3 men in blue shirt, red shirt and flower shirt are taxi drivers. When we arrived, there were actually 2 lines of taxi-drivers by the door offering their service.

I had to convince myself a little that this is in Malaysia -_-

Woah special motorbike! Must take picture! OF COURSE NOT.

The sign said 'motorbikes are prohibited to park here'. What a Malaysian culture -.- Once in a while I will come across "dilarang membuang sampah di sini" signboards surrounded by mountains of garbage.

Spongebob and Ah God. Original picture.
(Lai Chew Wei y u no appreciate my artwork?! I PS-ed your face until so cantik y u no like?!)

Just random.

It would be a nicer view if I stood in the middle of the road to take picture :( cars kept honking me once I tried to. This one was taken with my body and hand stretched to the maximum.

Sick look after a few night no enough sleep + money loss + long journey.

I cut my hair short! lol just kidding. Love how thick-framed glasses make my nose look sharper.

Look at the spiky black steel behind the sign! So random.

Nice view of Ipoh City Hall across the road

Just to remind you I look chio in healthy, energetic condition.

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  1. walaoweh you made Ipoh Railway Station looks ten times more beautiful than it actually does :P

    err did you photoshop Kah Wai's face? o_O

  2. Power of photography~

    Yes. Dah cakap in the caption what. HAHAHAHA