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Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I regularly read archives from a funny site called Damn You Auto Correct. After I was done checking the updates, I clicked on the tabs on top of the site and was linked to some other sites which made me swear like a sailor while viewing.

I think it'd be good to show you a few here and make you swear. Note that words in yellow (black lining) are my comments.

First, archives from Get Out Of The Mirror dot com:

Left: Wow pink mirror and blond braids. What a cutesy little princés (in between prince and princess, I can see he is confused too)
Right: The caption on the site says 'Your bandanna makes you look like a farmer' and I think even a farmer looks cooler.

I don't wanna say anything. You will say I'm biased towards obese people...

Yes and the post is here. Later I'll submit those pictures to this site. Luckily I saved the pictures, both the attention whore and act-innocently-cute-and-show-cleavage-but-no-cleavage (walao so fucking long!) have made their pictures private. Did some kaypos tell them about my blog?

Left: Skinny jeans and star tattoos wtf..... I'm pro-homosexual rights but I really feel like calling you a faggot!!!
Right: Mental.

Next, archives from Epic WTFs dot com:

OMG so meme face exists in reality!!! I don't understand the watermelons part.

She looked sad so I don't want to criticize...

I'm quite curious how to pierce this.

A LIZARD IS NOT CUTE! I'd suggest cute cats and alpacas.

Happy alpacas!

Move on to Twittiots dot com. I think twittiots has something to do with Twitter...

Pity the little girl at the back too. I hope this siaolang didn't leave her a bad impact....

I don't want to comment. If I do she will ask Satan to haunt me.

Wait, I need to find a face to sum up how I feel...... the face was on Damn You Auto Correct... Ahh got it!!!

I'm not sure if the girls were willing to let him fuck them.

:D I mosaic-ed the words 'worst stuffed toy ever'

He looked happy.

Last but not least, here are some archives from Damn You Auto Correct:

This site always makes me laugh like a crazy woman... Maybe these 3 are not very funny but please go and read the rest, CONFIRMED you will laugh till your jaw drop!!!

I shall now compile the attention whore pictures to submit to Get Out of The Mirror dot com.


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