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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Blogging Tips from

You all know how much I crave fame in blogosphere. You know, I have all it takes--blatancy, humor, insanity, hotness, good photography, vulgarity, intellectual, sharp debating skills--but why ah I don't get publicity?!

To be honest, I had the crazy thoughts of sending those Top Bloggers (XiaXue, Nicolekiss, Cheeserland, fourfeetnine Audrey, Kennysia) a few emails to ask for tips. Of course I didn't. Maybe I'm stereotyping them, but I don't think famous bloggers will care to read my blog and give me advice -_-

I did some google search and when I typed 'why did kenny sia get popular', I found He did a research on this, comparing himself with Kenny Sia and wrote an insightful review here.

And then I realized--hey, I think I read one of his blog posts before! So I searched his archives and proved my superb memory right. I read his blog post about INTI ball last year. He was an INTI student like me!

According to haters, this is how Ken Wooi looks like. Read this for explanation.

Ken Wooi is now a semi-famous blogger! (because he said he is not famous and I think this adjective suits better) He seems very approachable compared to those Top Bloggers who are like celebrities already, so I did something very thick-faced.

I sent him a FB message asking for Blogging Tips. (although he wrote many posts on blogging tips here, here, here and here.)

I only gave very simple introduction about myself: an ex-INTIan (cari relation lol) and a blogger.

And he replied me.

In fact, I didn't expect solid advice because even the Top Bloggers gave vague tips on Project Alpha, an online TV show featuring Malaysian Top Bloggers and Singaporean blog queen, Xiaxue. Almost all the tips were general and vague like "be yourself", "be interesting", "take good photos", "look good", "show cleavage" etc. I already did all.

But guess what, Ken gave me really useful tips instead of average reply.

I rarely give advice (nobody bother to ask, you're probably the first! :P) regarding this matter. Well, normally I would categorize it as 2 things:

1) Visitors
2) Readers

Some blogs target traffic, without caring whether they have readers (aka followers) or not. Their main purpose is to publish as many posts as possible, and rely on search engines (such as Google) to gain more visitors (sorta passersby) which directly translate to high traffic.

On the other hand, some blogs prefer to have avid readers rather than aiming for high traffic. A sustainable and good pool of audience can be achieved by writing good quality content, and perhaps a proper network with other bloggers.

Of course, one would hope that they have both. But it's never easy to hit 2 birds with 1 stone in this case.

Passersby/visitors rarely turn into readers, from my personal experience. A visitor may drop by to read on a particular post, find out some generic info or simply to rip off an image. That's it, and he'll never come back.

To me, a reader basically someone who drop by on your blog (probably from a link from another blog, or by word), read your content and go "hey, I like this stuff. Imma gonna read more!".

Well, for me - I'd definitely prefer the latter one.

In order to thank Ken for the generosity, I decided to share my readers with him! (although the number of my readers is not even 1/10 of his)

Now, who is Ken Wooi?

Well, he is a Nuffnang featured blogger for November 2011. Big honor in Malaysia blogosphere. Read this Nuffnang article to find out more if you're interested!

Based on what I read from so far, he is daring (he wrote an exclusive report on Rosmah's RM 73 million diamond ring here) , humble (maybe he is just acting, I dunno :P) and witty.

He might be a bit mental like me. He said Iron Man is his secret identity.

He is also a normal man. He loves boobs.

He claimed that this is his reader and she sent him this picture. He asked if anyone wanna send him more. I gave a thought about it, but nope, my boobs are not as big so I better don't embarrass myself.

Last but not least, the real look of Ken Wooi...

Sorry Ken, I agree with This picture flatters you the best.

Readers, are you very much interested in Ken Wooi now? Visit him at!

Btw, this post broke my record: 17 links in a total. Siao.