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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Symbolic and Comic Drawings

I dunno why people are usually shocked at the first sight seeing this. Very gruesome meh?

This was painted by mua 5 years ago. Each item in the drawing contains its own symbolic meaning. Try to decipher it on your own first, I will reveal some hints at the end of this post.

I inherit the artistic blood from my father, who can draw and paint very well. He works as a carpenter.

If you think carpenter's job is easy... no no no no no. Every time my father receives an order, he has to investigate interior architecture of the customer's house/shop, measure the space available for furniture, design a few sets of furniture for the customer to choose from (size, shape, material, color), then brings the furniture into existence, and finally sets them up in the customer's house/shop. It's not easy to satisfy the customers, when they choose a color, the furniture has to come up as the exact one they choose; sometimes they refuse to pay when they purposely make a fuss saying that it doesn't look as good as in the drafts, then my poor father has to redo the whole set again, because customers are always right. Sigh.

I'm not sure how my parents discover my talent in art... maybe they just wanted me to be good at it? They sent me to art class since I was five. I started joining on-spot coloring contests at seven; at eight, I already learned pencil-sketching and portrait-drawing.

I stopped attending art class at ten. I didn't like the contest-oriented way of teaching, and I hate having to do typical drawings like this and this. I want to produce drawings and paintings that express the deepest emotions, like The Scream, one of my favorite famous paintings. I blogged about it here.

You know how boring some classes are; when you can't talk and can't focus, the best way to stay awake is to doodle. I doodled the below during secondary school years:

doodled during English examination in Form 3


depression, self-doubt

inspired by some random vampire comics

Hunter X Hunter

Back to the first picture. That ghost is wearing a cloak, black at outside and red at inside. What thing wears cloak and carry a cane? What phase of life do candies remind you of, and what stage of mind does this phase of life represent?

The axe and the lock, the digged-out single eye, the out-of-place mouth, the skull hanging at the cloak, they all symbolize something, it's no fun if I tell you each one ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

It has been full moon for too long, so long that spider has made a web on it. 


Monday, August 15, 2011

Ipoh 4 ❣ St. Michael Institution & my REBELLION

Ipoh Trip 1--Ipoh Railway Station
Ipoh Trip 2--Mini Harbour Bridge & Riverfront Park
Ipoh Trip 3--Colorful Historical Buildings

SMK Saint Michael is a boy school except for Form 6. We visited the school simply because Yoong Shen graduated there... lol not just that lah, he is not that charismatic although he organized INTI-JPA Prom Night :P The school itself has some attraction:

St. Michael's Institution (SMI), is a school in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. It is situated on Jalan S.P. Seenivasagam (formerly Clayton Road). Within the same premises are St. Michael's I & II (both primary schools). The school has a long history full of interesting events such as the annual drama play which is first held more than sixty years ago and is still continuing until today.

St. Michael's Institution is part of the La Sallian community of schools worldwide; a brotherhood established by St. John Baptist De La Salle. The original building is now a designated heritage site in Malaysia. It is rated 5 STARS by the Education Ministry of Perak. --Wikipedia

What is the title of this post again? Oh St. Michael Institution & my rebellion--of course my story has nothing to do with it. But it's a very interesting story about something crazy I did in Form 2, and I was very lucky not to kena gantung sekolah (be suspended). In fact, I was so lucky that I didn't receive any punishment! I'll tell you the story at the end of this post. Be patient ;)

artwork by one of the founders (if the info is wrong, go blame Yoong Shen)

It was a Saturday. We went into an empty classroom,

and they were ready to be lectured by me.

I told them being a good student is boring,
so they immediately acted samseng.

I said samseng must take actions other than just posing,
hence they started a gang fight! Good job! Keep the spirit up! XD

a random wall painting in the classroom

scouts were marching

guess where I was when I took this picture? Bet you can't get it right.
I was at the entrance of female washroom!

"Why are they all single-eyed?" Yoong Shen couldn't answer me.

I never heard of them -.- it was such a long time ago after all

The room is where they have annual drama play. We couldn't get in though.

I have no idea where I took this picture, it seems pretty SMI so I attach it here

seriously, can you find any Malaysian element in this picture? I can't.


~Story time~
I feel a little ashamed to tell you this, but yes, I've been constantly lying to my mom since I was 7. Despite of having self-claimed superb memory, it's impossible for me to remember every single lie I have told. Yesterday, my mom and I were talking about how I used to get boycotted and bullied when I was in Form 2. She said 'I remember how bad the situation was, even the Penyelia Petang (head of afternoon session) phoned to console you...'

In my heart I went like "HUH got meh???!!!" and then I realized it was a super lame excuse I cracked to cover up the big mess I created in school. I burst out laughing and asked my mom if she was ready to know the truth. Mom was very clueless so she asked, "what truth???"

"I lied to you," I said, "it was actually because I did something really bad to a teacher."

My mom got really surprised (of course). She couldn't wait to find out what I did to cause the Penyelia Petang himself to phone me, but I insisted to tell the story from the beginning.

When I was in Form 2, my English class was taught by an unmarried lady whose dressing style was super duper old-fashioned. She wasn't that old actually... around 40+? She was unfriendly and grumpy almost all the time--which was probably why she was not well-liked by other teachers. Not just that, she always made annoying facial expression when she was annoyed, which made her face behind that thick-framed, skin-colored glasses even uglier. Students hate her. We called her 大陆妹 (Da Lu Mei), a derogatory term referring to those poor, uneducated girls from China who come to Malaysia (or other countries) for a better fortune.

That day, we had Living Skills class before English. At the end of the class, I was collecting 3D plans (drawings which show how we're going to do our wooden thingy project, dunno what it's called) from the girls. Da Lu Mei was already outside the classroom, so the Living Skills teacher left and asked me to send those papers to the office after I finished collecting.

Da Lu Mei walked in and started teaching. I was counting the papers when she caught me not paying attention. I told her I had to hand in those papers. She disallowed me to leave the class.

Not just that.

She yelled at me, grabbed my project paper, crumbled it into a ball.

I spent one whole fucking hour drawing that shit, so you can imagine how my face was like.

She then threw the paper ball onto the floor, looked very proud of herself, and started writing some rubbish on the blackboard.

(sorry I fail to remain neutral while telling this story)

Coincidentally there was a small piece of chalk on my table. A classmate dared me, in a joking manner, to throw the chalk at her.

But you know what, don't fucking dare a person in fury.

Almost without thinking about what consequences I would face, I picked up the chalk, raised my hand up and threw out the chalk with full force.

The chalk hit the blackboard at about 3 inches beside Da Lu Mei's head, making a super impressive sound. Da Lu Mei was shocked to death. I swear she jumped when she heard the sound. The whole class was in shock.

Well, I didn't aim her head and the chalk did not hit her at all but yes I fucking threw a piece of chalk at a teacher and no student from the first class would do that or anything equivalent.

The moment Da Lu Mei turned her face towards the class, I instantly knew 2 things:
1) I just broke the school record;
2) I was going to die very hard.

She screamed and asked who among the class did it. I kept quiet. I don't understand this part--it's not like I had the guts to do it but no guts to admit, I forgot why, I just didn't.

The whole class had to stand up. She said nobody could sit down until the culprit showed up. The friend who jokingly dared me cracked excuse saying that the one who threw the chalk was not from our class but somebody who passed by. Of course Da Lu Mei wasn't that dumb. She didn't believe him.

So the whole class went on standing for like, half an hour? Some classmates who hated me at that time got very annoyed. They started to say things like "dare to do, dare to admit lah so cowardice... trouble the whole class only..."

I think I turned and smiled at them.

I was that bitchy.

And then Penyelia Petang passed by. I knew I was so dead. Da Lu Mei walked out of the class to tell him what happened.

Luckily Penyelia Petang left very soon, probably having some errand to run. When Da Lu Mei was on her way back to the classroom, I walked outside and admitted it to her.

She asked me to stand outside the classroom. I stood there for 5 minutes and got bored, then I walked away jalan-jalan in the school area. And I met a pretty boy who got expelled 2 weeks later for having a tattoo on his hand (or he quit school?). He was surprised to see a top student like me skipping class like he did, so he asked me why. I ranted to him using some rude words and he got even more surprised.

English was my last class that day. I worried if Da Lu Mei gave me detention or something, so I walked back to the classroom 10 minutes before school dismissed. I hid beside the window and signaled my classmates to pass my bag to me. With awesome technique, they managed to do it without being noticed. When the bag reached the back door, I quickly grabbed it and ran. My mom was already there waiting to fetch me. I went into the car like nothing happened.

Such a good actress I was...... born this way~

At night, Penyelia Petang made a phone call to my house. Thank God I was the one who picked up. Thank God again my parents were not at home! The phone call lasted around 1 hour, I yakked some rubbish claiming that I threw chalk at Da Lu Mei due to adrenaline rush and to get acceptance from classmates yadda yadda, Penyelia Petang listened patiently and tried to counsel me with my 'teenage problems'. He even went like "you have to understand grumpiness of old unmarried female teacher..." I almost died holding back laughter.

In the end, he asked me to write a letter to Da Lu Mei to apologize. I did it the next day and that was it! No further punishment! No gantung sekolah, no informing parents and all!

Privilege of a top student :D

(fairness is not what I want to discuss in this post, bluek)

Within 2 days, words spread like wild fire and the whole school knew. I became more famous than I already was.

-The End-

Oh, not yet. My mom actually laughed after I told the story. If she found out about this 6 years earlier, I would not survive until today.

I'm thankful Penyelia Petang knew that any sort of punishments would turn me into a bad teenager and eventually the society would lose a very talented contributor. Mr Soh, you're a very wise educator and you made a very wise decision 6 years ago!!! *thumbs up*

Da Lu Mei transferred to another school the next year. Was I part of the reason she made that application to Ministry of Education? I dunno.

-The Real End-

Ipoh 5--Yummy local food & drinks


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

47.110579,9.227568 mysterious figures in the sky

(1) Go to Google map
(2) Type 47.110579,9.227568
(3) Click on the green arrow
(4) Click on Street View

(5) Click 'up' 2 times
(6) Click 'left' 2 times
(or you can just rotate around)

It is somewhere in Quarten, Switzerland.



Right after I see it, the answer came to my mind.
It looks really, really similar to what I have seen before.
You might have seen it before too.

Still no idea?


I told you!!! Very similar right???

As for the black figure.......

No, it's not a demon. Close-minded Christians will be very unhappy if you say it's a demon.

You see, a demon is not supposed to be taller than Jesus Christ.

So the black figure is.......


You know, the Top Subscribed on YouTube, Ryan Higa!!!

Not alike at all?

Of course!!!

Of course not alike when he is in his casual wear! BUT...


He is facing Jesus with his hands raised up like the above. Which explains why the dark figure is taller than Jesus.

I'm such a genius :D


Monday, August 8, 2011

Ipoh 3 ❣ Colorful Historical Buildings

Packing can wait
*le rolling clothes in sushi shape*
(2 hours passed) *le still rolling*
*le staring blankly at the number of un-rolled clothes*

Fucket. I'd rather spend the whole day blogging than packing for more than 2 hours... So here I am! :D

Many worries are on my mind recently... You might say there is no point to worry, but yes there is. Whatever decision I'm going to make, I have to start planning now so that I don't miss the right time and right way to make big decisions. What makes it even more stressful is that I have nobody to depend on or to refer to other than myself, yet I have to be responsible to my future (probably the rest of my life too) and my future concerns not only myself.

Sorry if I get you confused. I cannot blog it out loud here...... sigh. And for the nosy people out there, these have got nothing to do with relationship stuffs.

Oh yeah, there is a Nescafe new skin design contest currently running, you can win RM10000 and have your design on the Nescafe tins all over the country!!! Give it a try if you're talented in art, click here for more info.

Let's get back to the topic now :)

Ipoh Trip 1--Ipoh Railway Station
Ipoh Trip 2--Mini Harbour Bridge & Riverfront Park

I had never thought of Ipoh a historical city. But the truth surprised me!!! Camera in my hand was on standby mode almost all the time. Ipoh is such a photography heaven. My friends were not as enthusiastic, hence they kept walking and leaving me behind. It was quite tiring having to spot fast, snap fast then move fast to join my friends who were already at a far distance in front, but I enjoyed the whole process. Worth it. :)


Here was where we started walking after visiting the Mini Harbour Bridge.

This was how I was left behind.

A fountain at Ipoh field

A pair of spouse feeding the pigeons beside the fountain

their kid looking at a pigeon

Ipoh Royal Club (across the field)

Ipoh Court of Justice

Left: Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC)
Right: Perak Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCCI)

Rashid Hussain Bank (RHB)

If I show this picture to people and ask them to guess the country, how many do you think will answer 'Malaysia'?

Commerce International Merchant Bankers (CIMB)

Another self-shot.

Lesson learned: don't look upward when you snap from a low angle.
Over-PSed the skin complexion :/

Eu Yan Sang Chinese Medicine

What is that tall building?

Flat. My friends counted: 25 floors

In Malaysia, thieves like to steal air-conditioners, no joke.


Wrong spelling -_- sYarikat not sHarikat

Read from right to left: Lim Ka Pi (=lim kopi =drink coffee)

shop selling charcoal

shop selling tea leaves

a random alley

3 girls: emo-ing after school
guy in grey: 对面的女孩看过来~ 看过来~ 看过来~♪ ♫ ♬ (local courting song)
guy in black: is this wall rigid enough.... let me push it and see...
guy in brown: I think I see a bird nest...

Look at their hands! Sign of bromance telepathy ♥

-brotherly romance, a slang to describe the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males.

LinkBirch Memorial Clock Tower

Erected in memory of J.W.W.Birch, the first British Resident of Perak who was assassinated in Pasir Salak on 2.11.1875 by local Malay Chiefs Datuk Maharaja Lela.

Self-shot again. I think I look like 大S in this picture. (lol buay paiseh)

To pack or not to pack
*le finish blogging*
*le look at clothes on the bed and on the floor*

Ipoh Trip 4: SMK Saint Michael & story of my biggest rebellion