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Sunday, July 3, 2011

My walking mosquito

Please ask me how I managed to take a picture so closely without scaring the mosquito away!!!

Here is the truth...

I disabled her without killing her! :D talented?

To do this you must
1. Go to a place where there are not too many and not too few mosquitoes.
2. Stay alert.
3. When a mosquito comes near, you can either
(a) Hit her in the air by using one hand; or
(b) Use a very old/low-in-battery electric flyswatter.

4. Act fast to catch the fainted mosquito before she flies away!
5. Tear off her wing(s). Be gentle, or else you will tear her body apart.
6. Put her on the floor.
7. Watch her walk.

Shaddup :DDDDDDD