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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Truly Bimbotic Updates

I'm making this the first picture of this post simply to have a nice thumbnail when I share the link on FB... ;P

WTF Y U SO HOT?! Anybody knows who this guy is? I came across this from a random FB page... This picture is now my phone background *blush*

the swollen one is still itching now

I took 3 vaccines 1 week ago: influenza (including H1N1 and all its variations), chicken pox (yes I never had it yet) & mumps, measles and rubella. 2 years ago I had 5 vaccines: 2 for Hepatitis A, 3 for Hepatitis B. Also I had taken Mantoux test twice.

I kinda like the pain of injections :3 highly tolerable. Love bites from Notty are more painful if you compare...

Anyway the vaccines were not taken to meet university requirement. Just to donate money to the doctor. lol joke XD Although I did go psycho when I first found out my ENL101 and 102 are not getting transferred, I think my university is really student-friendly loh, you see, (1) no deposit needed to secure admission, (2) no payment needed to get I-20 delivered, (3) no mandatory vaccines! So good!

Oh and, I accept the fact that my English is not up to standard so it's better to take English courses there... which is why I now give myself a Mission Impossible. I want to re-read all Harry Potter books before flying!!! Hope it helps me score better in ESLAT!!!

3 weeks left, 7 books to go. Challenge accepted. *meme face*

Remember I said 'going to study in to the States' is a good excuse to spend money? I just spent another RM90+ at Cosway buying cosmetic products ♥

Yay yay so many colors :D Lilan Vital is the brand~

Concealer and BB cream. I never need BB cream, but this one has got UV protection of SPF42! The concealer alone costs RM38 whereas the BB cream costs RM42, but since I bought both, I was given a discount of 40% so I paid only RM56! Happy!!!

Guess what? I got these 4 lipsticks for free. FREE. FREE!!! Mom asked the agent whether there was any stuffs unwanted, so he said Lilan Vital is no longer producing some lipsticks and these 4 were left in stock. Who cares about being buay paiseh you don't ask you don't get! See how a simple question rewarded us!!! Happyyyyyyyy!!!!!!

Just fyi, I'm the bimbo type who wears make-up to classes. In fact, I managed to wake up for morning classes only when I decided to make up and dress up. I love the process :D not that I'm not confident to go casual with a bare face, it's just that I love to look hot and even if the make-up doesn't flatter me dramatically, I love to appear as 'girl who wears make-up'!

LOL indeed a bimbo. And make-up is essential when you go clubbing!

Okay I dunno why I did the ugly face which I thought would look cool.

Better. Beside me were Mr and Miss Popular from INTI-Subang. I should wear thicker eye make-up next time, mine was not visible under dim light...

After clubbing. Walao eh I looked like a slut but please note that I was the most covered up girl! Long sleeves and tight jeans because the clubs are super cold with strong air-conditioners, I don't drink so I don't get warmed up, need un-exposing clothes to keep me warm wtf. And I wore sport shoes... still learning how to dance in heels for hours without breaking my feet :/

This is totally random. Just wanna show you my nice long nails...

Short nails, obviously uglier. The polish was messy because I'm right-handed.

Cheap sandals bought from mall. RM10 and very light. Gotta wear these on plane.

New wallet! I'm a fan of Icon :D love their designs!

Another cheap stuff I bought. RM12. Yes the pink fluffy piece~

I like how I look with blue eyes, dramatic lashes, blood-red lipstick and tanned skin!

Check out my whole outfit and long black hair!

Omg I'm talented... see see I can look model-ish by self-shot!

Self-shots again! Talented or not? ^w^

Such a pointless post this is.


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  1. walao 17 days left only, sempat ke to finish all those Harry Potter books? O_o

    Eh that wallet looks awesome, me likey

    Looking at the sequence of the last self-shot it looks like you're slowly dying xD But I think natural beauty shot is always better than the vain ones :P