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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tattoos & their locations

Talking about tattoos, the first who came across my mind is Amy Winehouse.

I can't think of any young female celebrities who are obsessed with tattoos other than Amy Winehouse. The cause of her death is still unidentified, it's now rumored that she committed suicide due to the break-up with Red Traviss. Some said she had been saying how she would love to join the 27 Club--also known as The Curse of 27, the title for an epitomic group of influential musicians who all died at the age of 27. All of them had led a 'rock n roll' lifestyle.

Just a few hours ago, I came across a joke about her on FB...
Alvin: Amy Winehouse is found dead!
: She should have gone to


Anyway, let's come back to the topic. Tattoos and their locations!

Plagiarized from this picture. Don't click on the link, you're supposed to read how I drag about the zones, one by one!

Lemme start with the red zones...

I kinda think oily faces should not have tattoos...

Why was she looking sad? Oh, because her father was furious and she lied to put the blame on the tattooist. Read news here.

left: abstract
middle: symbolic
right: lameness

Left: very artistic, but why would a guy want to have a blue flower on his neck?
Right: WHY would he want a stupid-looking corn freak on his neck?!!!

Fresh tattoos, newly done

Top left: why do you think we can't find out your gender??
Top right: pretty tribal, but the nails are ugly.
Bottom left: he decided the his hand looks better on X-ray...
Bottom right: I'm guessing this might be Henna, not tattoo.

Tattoos on palms? Real?

Left: Is it me or her eyes do look like the tattooed peacock's?
Right: I dunno who she is, don't ask me.

Yes she is Angelina Jolie! Mysterious figures that look like measurements...

wings and dragons, as expected

... unexpected lameness.

very fuckable-looking right? :P

The same goes to tattoos around boobies.

We know that.

Knowing that expansion and shrinking of tummy will cause the tattoo appear humiliating, people prefer to tattoo jokes straight away:

I don't understand...

Yay! Me want also! :D



What about...

Freaky? Scary?

Yes I think they are.


Super ugly and disgusting???

No don't draw conclusion first.

Look at the guy who is now Lady Gaga's best friend...

who took part in Gaga's video Born This Way...


Before I end this post, please take note that the stereotypes above are not facts... Just a joke lah okay :) And I do not own those pictures in grey borders. I downloaded and uploaded them instead of adding images by URL because I worry if the sites shut down one day... which will make the pictures on my post unavailable.

Oh btw did I tell you before how I was obsessed with scarification? I did some small ones and the scars are still visible. I'll show you next time.

After I get tattoos.


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