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Friday, July 15, 2011

Reserved Seat on KTM

It happened when I went to Segambut to stay over at a self-claimed god's place before VISA interview at US embassy. I was sick (flu and post-fever) and carrying luggage; one on my back and one hand-carried.

So I entered the commuter with 2 of my friends who were also carrying luggage. Upon entering, I spotted 3 empty seats. A lot of people (not too many, around 10) flooded into the commuter with us, but none took the seats--I dunno whether they were not fast enough or they let us take the seats since we're carrying bags whereas they were hand-free. (well, some ladies carried handbags but I supposed their handbags were quite light)

So my 2 friends took 2 of the empty seats, and then there was one left. Illustration as below:

I sat down on that one seat left.

Then someone pat on my back. I turned, and this Chinese aunty spoke to me (in Mandarin):

"Ei sorry leh, this seat is reserved for someone else."

I quickly looked around and nobody seemed like the seat was his/hers. Then I went "huh?" at the aunty and she said it again.

To be honest, I was quite embarrassed because her tone was kinda like blaming me for trying to rampas the 'reserved' seat. And a commuter coach is not that big after all, people around us could hear it clearly. I stood up, took my big bags and walked to where my friends were sitting. As soon as I left the seat, I heard that aunty telling the little girl to put that plastic bag in the middle of the empty seat.

I was thinking to myself, were they reserving the seat for a related pregnant lady/handicapped person/old folk? But the person was not here yet? Probably waiting at the next station or something? If so, how could the person know which commuter this aunty and little girl were on?

After around 30 seconds, the mystery was solved. Another little girl came from nowhere and walked to the empty seat. Probably she walked to the other end of the coach earlier for dunno what reason. Then she sat down and I found out both the little girls sitting together were that aunty's daughters.

I didn't give much thoughts about it but after I came back home from heaven (the self-claimed god's house is of course claimed to be heaven), I recalled it and got irritated.

Why must I give the seat to her daughter???

I know she is a mother and it's natural that she wants her daughter to have a comfy trip on KTM, but I'm still irritated! I tried to figure out why the irritation, and I found the reasons:

1. If you want the seat, you fucking stick your buttcheeks onto it and don't walk away until you wanna leave the commuter. Leaving your seat means you are offering your seat to somebody else okay?!

2. Even if you meant to reserve that seat, how the fuck did I know you're reserving it when your daughter put the plastic bag there (refer to the illustration if you forgot)? So why did you have to talk to me in that manner as if I rampas your 'reserved' seat?

3. Can't you see I was carrying big bags? And you think a hand-free little girl deserved that seat more than I did because she was your daughter?

4. Fine if you really want your kid to have a place to sit, but a 5 or 6-year-old's buttcheeks are so small after all therefore she could actually squeeze a tiny bit and share a seat with her sister! Or 3 of us could share the 2 seats! Or you could let her sit on your lap until I left the commuter! Why did she deserve an adult seat (I know all seats on commuter are adult-sized whatever lah!) when there was obviously someone who needed the seat more (me)?

5. I know I'm not pregnant/handicapped/old, but by common sense you should know how difficult it was for a person (even though young like me!) to maintain balance standing on a commuter while carrying 2 big bags and making sure his/her belongings were safe from pick-pockets. But your daughter(s) had nothing to carry and no belongings to take care of. Why were you so inconsiderate?!

Yes yes yes, I know I wrote a post before about how natural being selfish is, asking people to be less selfish and more considerate (because it involved me and I am selfish!) sounds like a big slap on my own face! I just wanna rant about it okay! RAWR!

And I think I'm qualified to rant about it because when there were people with luggage entering the commuter whereas I was hand-free or just carrying a handbag, I didn't dash to empty seats unless they prefer to stand.

Be considerate like me can?

On a side note: There was once I witnessed an office lady in heels and carrying bags offered her seat to a pregnant lady. I (almost) teared.

This post looks plain with so many words and no proper picture so I'm attaching 2 of which I look like oii-your-daughter-cannot-stand-meh-gimme-the-seat-or-i-slap-you type of bitch:

I know I look like ghost thank you. Slutty female ghost lol



  1. i feel ok reading this post until at the end, i feel like vomiting...

  2. HAHAHAHAHA these pictures are in my FB album titled Make-Up Attempts Epic Fail--so there, as the title says. :P

    ps: I like your straightforwardness *thumbs up*