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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Quick Updates + Notty Again

Another filler post in case I cannot finish Part 2 of Perhentian Trip before I go to sleep!

I was in a bad mood earlier because:
(1) I haven't settled housing at University of Wisconsin-Madison. Lost the spotted apartment to other people AGAIN. Number of housemates not certain yet. And I'm flying on August 17--less than a month from now!!! Nerves!!!

It won't be as worst as having to sleep on the street but staying temporarily at senior's place means I have to move many times. Minimum 46kg of belongings to move, just by thinking of it I already feel like fainting.
(2) I just realized that my ENL101 and ENL102 (English Compositions courses in which you need to write a lot and go nuts doing research papers) are not transferred. I scored A+ and A after putting in a shitty amount of effort and now I have to go through them again with heavier course load?! Kill me can?

And what the hell is that English as Second Language Assessment Test?! The score decides whether my ENLs are transferable or what?!

Then I cheer up because of a random comment I myself posted:

"kuil ular ஜ۩"

hahahahahahaha snake temple hahahahahahaha

I can't even explain why I found it funny!!! When I stopped giggling, I went to the page and read it again and continued giggling. Really siao.

Okay I know you don't find it funny.

You have no sense of humor.

Go and ask Rudy, he will confirm your lack of humor...

Anyway, if my pekcek-ness earlier in this post did spread to you, please watch the following video to neutralize... (?)
Warning: It's quite boring if you don't like cats.

A few more pictures of Notty:

his signature sleeping pose again! muaks~

Notty blinking


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