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Friday, July 29, 2011

Perhentian Island 3 ❣ Snorkeling, Waterfall & Sharing

Note : Pictures in grey borders are stolen from Win Shi's FB albums.
Part 1: Boat ride & Chalet
Part 2: Bikini, Homokiss & Sand-made Tranny
Thought I would have fun snorkeling after I learned how to float steadily and swim a bit, but the weather didn't allow us :(

It was so windy that we didn't get to snorkel at the first spot the boats stopped by. Looking at the big waves on sea surface was kinda frightening. The boatmen decided that it's safer not to take the risk.

(wait a minute... Of course it's safer not taking the risk. Equals to 'we can live longer without committing suicide' ........ '_' )

The second spot was at the side of a small dessert island. The sea was quite shallow there, lots of sharp stones and corals underneath. Even the sand was super coarse.

Supposedly we who dunno how to swim should pair with good swimmers, but good swimmers would rather swim alone so that they could swim further and faster... They didn't say it out lah. They were quite willing to bring us along, but we know we were burdens to them.

Shy to get help. Which was why tragedy (almost) happened.

I went with 2 friends who also couldn't swim. We thought we started off quite well, then things went wrong within 1 minute! As we were trying to avoid stepping onto sharp stones/corals/sea urchins,

the waves swept us further and further without we realizing it. Then one of us, I forgot who, lost balance and dragged another two into the water!

We were struggling, gasping for air, trying to retain balance at the same time--holding hands. I was the one in the middle, so I tried to re-balance myself by stepping on the big stone/coral underneath, and then--AHHHHH--palms of my feet!!!

The pain knocked me off balance, my head started to go in and out of the water. I tried to shout for help but I couldn't project my voice loud enough. In between the struggles, I saw Pui Leng and Theresa struggling from getting drowned. The snorkel tubes had fallen off their mouths, meaning they had difficulty breathing already. I got even more panicked. No idea how I did it, I managed to get one of my hands free, so I quickly grabbed the whistle attached to my life jacket and blew it with all energy.

But nobody heard me.

I kept on blowing the whistle for like 30 seconds (which felt like 30 minutes when you're getting drowned) until I felt so dizzy, vision blurred, and still nobody noticed.

I thought I was gonna die.

And here came an heroic voice: "Don't freak don't freak, we're here" It was Daddy Gan with an army of mermen (our friends) coming to save us. Suddenly I saw halos on their heads, and I wanna sing Hallelujah to God when we were dragged onto the beach by the mermen.

Daddy Gan is good at swimming.

They were shocked to find out the wounds on the palms of my feet. The one on the left was deep and long, bleeding; another on the right was smaller, but deep as well, with sands stuck inside. The boatmen asked me to go back onto the boat and have my wounds taken care of. But I didn't feel much pain at that moment, probably due to the magical healing power of sea water, so I kinda thought they over reacted and refused to go onto the boat. Not to haolian lah, mostly because it made me super sea-sick to stay on a boat when it's not moving. Hence, I sat on the beach, soaking my feet in sea water until time's up to go to the next spot.

Don't look serious but the wounds were actually deep.
I walked like a pregnant woman for one whole week... each step was staking

The next spot was shark point.

So now you know where Perhentian Kecil (small) and Perhentian Besar (big) are located.
Shark point is at the bottom.

I hesitated for a moment because my feet were bleeding. No, not due to the pain.

Shark. And blood. See the relation?

Anyway I did leave the boat when one of the boatmen offered to bring me. They were all like real mermen I tell you. No life jacket, no snorkel tube, just goggles. So Abang (shame on me, I don't even know his name) brought me to the deep sea. I was extremely fascinated. I saw many fishes--big, small, luminescence colors, stripes, round, flat, pointed mouth... Also there were different types of corals, urchins and sea cucumbers. Abang was so nice, he pointed at special-looking creatures once he spotted them just to make sure I saw them too. I was most amused by a yellow coral with soft spikes. It was happily waving its spikes when we spotted it, then Abang dived and poked it and it shrank into a tiny ball!!!!! So cuteeeeeee :D

And we saw baby shark!!!

Wasn't quite clear because the water was cloudy. It disappeared from sight within seconds.

Cling said she saw 3 huge flowerhorns. Some said flowerhorns are not sea fish but aquarium fish, but I remember the boatmen did mention that we might see them. So I suppose they can survive in sea also? Even survive better, growing into 1.5-feet-long.

Flowerhorn is the fish with big hump on its head and number-like black spots on its body. Popular like hell when first bred in Malaysia, the price was sky-high because they said these fish show lottery-winning numbers -.-

Snorkeling session ended with cold shower at a random waterfall:

Meet James

Love the sand there! Super fine! And the water was icy. People screamed when they had water splashed onto them. I was sitting at somewhere safe to protect my wounded feet.

When we reached Perhentian Kecil...

super dramatic dark clouds... This is Win Shi whom I stole pictures from.

WTF you don't want can give me okay?! Siao is it?!

At night, Chin Chai (the organizer of this trip) held a sharing session which was made compulsory for JPA-sponsored students. We joked, gave thanks and shared about memorable moments throughout the 5 semesters in INTI-IU. The atmosphere was rather emotional. Li Ann, Cling and Tpl burst out in tears, thus my tissue papers were put into good use. I purposely brought along tissue papers because I knew there would be people crying... psychic much? lol

To be frank, I wasn't emotional at all. When it came to 'the last words to tell', I preached on 'don't judge, people make mistakes because of the damages from within' instead of telling JPA-batchmates-related stuffs...... Nonetheless, not to judge people was what I learned the best throughout these 5 semesters. Not from my JPA mates though, most of them are from wonderful families and healthy background. Feel glad for them :) I learned it from international students and clubbing mates whom I befriended.

When the sharing session was about to end, Li Ann, initially standing beside the circle with some girls, suddenly fainted and fell to the ground!!! Scared the hell out of us!!! Luckily she regained consciousness after 1 minute... They took her back to the chalet for some rest.

It's just hard for me to be sad upon parting loh. The technology nowadays is so advanced, we can pretty much keep in touch with anybody as long as we make an effort to. Not being able to meet up often is not much a loss for me... except when it comes to lover lah. But all in all, I'm a look-forward type of person :) which is something good because I never felt sad leaving primary school, secondary school and now, INTI-IU.

The last day...

people playing kites

Cling was so hyper she wanted to get fish-net pattern on her face

I'm posting this just because my body shape looks fabulous lol

My tanned legs and Cling's still-fair legs

She said: lighting problem la! So we took another picture. I was correct.

Last views at Perhentian Kecil beach:

Back to Kuala Besut...

voodoo dolls sold at souvenir shop

I bought these three. Like them so much, yet I sold the two white ones to Daddy Gan as a sign of appreciation.

Bought this fancy-looking ice-cream

Cheat one. I didn't see how I could peel it... in the end I just ate it like a normal ice-cream.

That's all :) finally finished this omg I'm so happy I don't have to tweet about Perhentian Perhentian Perhentian again!!! Walao eh you dunno how stressed I feel not posting all trips yet loh. Ipoh trip and KL trip up next. Must blog before flying!



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