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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Perhentian Island 2 ❣ Bikini, Homokiss & Tranny

Part 1: Boat ride & Chalet

It started raining after we got back to the chalet. Some crazy people decided to play volleyball. Didn't join because I was dead tired. Headache + nausea.

Falling sick when you're on trip is one of the top worst things to experience...

Took a quick shower, then had our first dinner on the island:

I ate in silence when people talked about the sea creatures they saw during snorkeling session... Other than ordinary-looking fishes, I only saw 2 sea creatures which were caught on spot by the boatmen for demonstration:

(1) A 6-inches 'see-hum'
See-hums are those oysters in your char kuey teow. The boatman picked up this huge see-hum from undersea and put it on the boat to let us take pictures. I'm not sure whether I saw it because I already KO that time, but yes there is a blurry image of such in my head.

(but they said there is such thing called 'self-generated memory')

According to those who saw it, the see-hum licked around with some flexible lump of flesh (tongue?). While we were having dinner, they discussed about the mystery of 'does it have pearl inside?' yadda yadda.

Too bad I wasn't conscious when the see-hum was on display, or else I would open it and poke it and throw stone into it.

Hoi, I'm not cruel okay, oysters form pearls when foreign objects go into them... really loh.

(2) A 1.5-feet-wide turtle
The turtle was screaming (yes, I was surprised too to know that turtles can make sound) when it was caught and raised above the sea surface...

The turtle was a ninja and he dropped his samurai sword into the sea when the boatman caught him out of a sudden.

After dinner, we went for a night stray along the beach.

Nothing special though. We were playing IQ questions along the walk.

Then we decided sit in a circle and play Truth or Dare :D I'm not supposed to tell you what happened... but revealing what we did without mentioning names is harmless right? Right?

(I hear 'yes' XD)

I only remember three lah :P
~a guy licked another guy's knee
~a guy was asked this question: if one day you are forced to have sex with a guy, will you rather fuck or be fucked and who among us will you choose?
~this one I can tell you the names because we have already made it public. Cling and I did a homo kiss!!! I bit her lower lip as requested~~~

Cling's series of reactions:
(1) sprang backwards
(2) "EWWWWWWWW!!!!!!"
(3) "Ei your lips very soft leh!!!"
(4) "Ei really loh her lips are so soft!!!"

How did I feel? Erm, I don't wanna tell you because I'm not ready to come out of the closet.... LOL!!!

Saw a huge fluffy tail moving and found out it was a cat

It took me a very long time to fall asleep cuz I felt super dizzy once I closed my eyes, felt that my bed was shaking like a boat wtf.

The next day...

This is me

This is the girl I kissed

This is me trying to make the boat move with supernatural power

This is me looking like a patriotic anak Malaysia

Shaky floating palettes which were boiling hot in the afternoon

I did not fake the frightened face! Till now I'm scared to swing on a swing!

Forced myself to grin

I have no idea why the rope was there

but it was meant to be camwhored with

I think I was supposed to stretch the hammock wider

eyes PS-ed, obviously

My smooth skin is not PS-ed! We actually found our skin smoother than usual after the first snorkeling session. Pimples on their faces were all gone. The huge bump on my toe (bitten by a big red ant on the beach) shrank into half of its original size. I didn't even spend much time in the sea but the healing power of sea water was just so magical!

this squirrel reminds me of the cat

A random plant. Should it be called a tree?
(Plant: I'm not random!!! *shake leaves*)

Sea algae

Crab's hole (sounds weird...)

the sand gave my feet a cold sensation

Initials of my name~

Finally a close shot without PS-ed eyes

another chio self-shot with PS-ed eyes

Changed into bikini before the 2nd snorkeling session. I put on sunglasses not to act cool loh, the sky was very bright I could hardly open my eyes without the shades.

People were bored, so I asked them to bury me in sand:

My nostrils are very distracting...

I think you know where it was going... yes I asked them to build me a sand-made dick!

I dunno why my balls were not attached together.
Different colors some more walao eh.

Chin Chai made sure that I couldn't feel anything under the sand before he posed. (must clarify in case some take him as a pervert... although I think he is one lololol) The sand layer was very compact because laopa poured water onto it. Quite heavy if you ask me.

After they were done posing with my hermaphrodite body, they walked away and left me like that!!! Walao eh what kind of friends are these?! Nobody looked back! They just walked further and further like that!!!

Here came another gang of people after a while... The sand layer was half-dried already, so I finally...

People waiting for the boats to come. I was so vain I didn't put up life jacket (to get even tanning lah) until the boats arrived...

Kissed Cling again to immortalize our love in picture:

Heavily PS-ed! In the original picture my eyes were open whereas Cling's face shape looked like monkey because she pouted too much. Pushed up my boob a bit too hehehe.

We went to a nearby island to have lunch at a pondok without tables, 'picnic-style' according to the agent o_O

Unlike the seaside of the island we stayed at (sandy water + many dead insects floating), the water there was so freaking clean and clear!!!!!!!!!!! (.......... did I just advertise for Clean & Clear?)

How would I waste the chance? Great spot to learn swimming :)

The square-faced at the back is me.

By the end of the swimming session, I could float and stay still without panicking. Happy! :D

I'm ending this post here...

Part 3: I nearly got drowned--saw baby shark--sharing session at night--leaving Perhentian

xoxo Crazenne

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