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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Perhentian Island 1 ❣ Boat ride & Chalet

My last semester in INTI-IU (also in Malaysia) ended with Perhentian trip! Gotta thank Chin Chai (the organizer) for giving me a nice memory :)

The day we departed was the day I had my last paper. We were sent to Kuala Besut by INTI bus.

me and Li Ann

Most people were excited; they kept on talking, laughing, singing, joking happily on the bus. Amazingly, Li Ann fell asleep within 10 minutes after we ended our short conversation! I tried to sleep as well, was so darn tired because I had not been sleeping well for the whole exam week. Normally I can fall sleep even when there are noises around, but guess what--I couldn't sleep at all in the fucking 8-hour journey because Dheva was sitting in front of me and she just never stopped talking!!! Well she did stop for like maximum 10 minutes, but it's too short for me to fall asleep because the bus was very shaky anyway. And I was too paiseh to ask her stop talking...

Yes I'm very shy and reserved...

...... as suggested by this FB application.

Supposedly there should be 2 bus drivers taking turns to drive, but one of them was sick so he didn't come with us. Which means there was only 1 tired bus driver driving! At night! 45 lives (including himself) were in his hands. Thanks to Chin Chai, Chee Hui, Yoong Shen and Chew Wei (tell me if I miss out any) for taking turns to talk to the bus driver just to keep him awake. According to Chee Hui, the bus driver did doze off for 1 or 2 seconds while driving! Scary!

(Chin Chai noticed Dheva was talking non-stop so he asked her to help keeping the bus driver awake. I was hoping that she agreed but she decided to still sit in front of me and talk to the 'outsider' across the aisle... sigh...)

Thank God we reached Kuala Besut safely! Some had their breakfast there, the rest were standing beside the road to wait for distribution of life jackets and goggles.

While waiting, I spotted...

2 good-looking ducks out of no where!

I walked near to take pictures, then some among the bored crowd who were with cameras joined me immediately. I wonder if the locals thought we never saw ducks before?

These ducks were natural posers.

The hens looked super ugly because of these 2 ducks.

We walked to the jetty after we got our life jackets and goggles. Love the pictures I took! Sense the nostalgia feeling:

Me with the life jacket on

Then we got onto the boats. It was my first time on a boat!

No idea why I look ugly in this picture.

Decided to put on my blue jacket because the sun was hot and I didn't apply sun block. Put on sunglasses so that salty wind (not breeze) wouldn't irritate my eyes.

Note that my lovely white cap was about to be blown away.

Poof! Cap gone! RIP in the sea, I don't think turtles or some other stupid sea creatures will swallow you so I hope you decompose peacefully.

I didn't even realize it when my cap was blown off! Just out of a sudden, WeeBoon told me "Ei, your cap gone liao" in a very calm tone. Here I wanna thank him for the calm tone which made the cap-blown-away incident very much like a joke, or else I might go hysterically sad and mourn for the loss of such a lovely cap...

I was holding the steel tightly because I felt like I was gonna fly away too.

And POOOOOF! 2 kites we brought flied away to join my cap. Then we put in all effort to save the remaining two...

What a happy hair day!

The wind was so strong because we were having a boat-racing...

Our friends in that boat were shouting and cheering because their boat moved faster than ours. So childish.

BOOOOOOOO!!! Our turn to shout!!! Muahahaha so childish but we were happy! Never knew boat could make us feel like we're on roller-coaster!

Look at the amount of water splashed... Pity those without glasses. We could literally taste the sea water just by having a boat ride.

The destination! We reached Perhentian Kecil Island! (don't ask me where is Perhentian Besar Island, I pun tak tau)

Letting hair down during boat ride was a tragedy. My hair was super knotted and salty-smelling.

SinNee was happy because her hair was not knotted since she tied her hair up. Behind her was a bunch of hungry people waiting to check in.

And there was no phone signal on the island!!! Some of us (including me) started doing a stupid action... which was to raise our phones up in the air and wave them. Bahaa (one of the 'outsiders' who tagged along with us JPA scholars) was amused and he said something like "You Malaysians are funny. Why do you do this thing *imitate us*? No signals mean no signals!"

Then only I realized it was quite pointless to do that... hahaha totally a Malaysian thing.

(Bahaa is an Arab from Yemen. He is the good-looking type who look like Caucasians instead of your typical impression of terrorists.)

We stayed in chalets. To my terror, I realized no phone signals = no internet coverage! Blaaaah kill me why did I bring along my laptop and all the accessories?!

After we checked in, I went around and checked out the shops on the island to look for bikini. I didn't have swimming suit cuz I couldn't swim. I refused to wear singlet/T-shirt cuz I wanted to be evenly tanned. I was happy to find bikinis sold at RM25 each in one of the shops! So cheap! There was no sponges attached though.

(After the trip, I bought sponges separately. The sponges cost only RM14. RM25+RM14 is still cheaper than bikinis sold at malls which were usually priced RM60 and above each. Anyway I'm gonna buy more in the US, heard the price there is much lower than in Malaysia and the designs are prettier!)

Went for lunch after I put on bikinis:

Buffet style. Typical Malay food. Not bad. (how bad could it be when all of us were all hungry?)

The tree beside my table had a fake plant on it O_O no idea why. Maybe people on the island were too bored...

These leaves were real.

Me at the dining table. Already looked a little tanned after the boat ride.

After lunch, I started applying sun block onto every inch of my exposed body. Waited for 15 minutes before I applied another layer. And I applied 3 layers in a total. It paid off when I was the only one (I think) who got evenly tanned!

Tadah! I wore bra inside because as I mentioned before, the bikini didn't come with sponges. Not good to walk around and float on the sea surface with my nipples popping, the guys might get drowned lol.

Big kiss to Evelyn who took this chio picture of me!!! ♥♥♥

Next was snorkeling session. The boats took us to deeper sea to let us practise for a while. The boat men handed us toothpaste and asked us to clean the goggles. Super clear after we washed our goggles with toothpaste! And the sea water was super salty, hurt a lot when it got into eyes!

After we got used to the buoyancy, the boats took us to the snorkeling spots. Sadly, I didn't go far because I couldn't swim. What I did was clinging onto the side of the boat while the rest went to explore the underwater scenes :(

Soon I felt like I was fainting due to seasick + no sleep during the 8-hour journey + dunno how to swim. So I got back onto the boat to rest... lying down there, wondering if I got hydrophobia. I remember how I clung to the side of the pool when I attended pool party 2 months earlier, and how I got panicked when the guys dragged me to the middle of the pool @@ scary...

Took picture since I had got nothing to do

The seawater was greenish rather than blueish

Part 2: night stray on the beach--truth and dare session--I grew a dick!

Okay lah need to play with Notty now cuz I'll be leaving home tomorrow for JPA pre-departure briefing. Haven't packed yet. Hope the train won't be too late (I know it'll be late anyway).


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