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Friday, July 15, 2011

Oh Karma

Came across this on FB:

Don't scroll down first, find your own three words!!!

What did you find?

Oh and, guess what I found?

--tick. Although that is not quite the case since long time ago.

But WHORE why oh why?!

You know what, after I came across this real attention whore, I decided to call myself an attention-seeker instead. But now...

Karma says otherwise. :/

I found some other words too...

I found 2 bios and 1 lab, proven I'm really into Genetics. Don't ask me why I circled fu and bj. Hehehe.

Okay~ You can exit this tab already if you don't like cats~ The following paragraphs are about the long boring process of how I had a hide-and-seek with Notty throughout his shower.

Last night, when anybody else in the house were already sleeping, Notty came to me with his right cheek and front legs black. Literally black, and I was petrified. (dramatic much?) Apparently he went into the charcoal lump in the kitchen on the ground floor! Perhaps to catch lizard or whatsoever.

I decided to bath him.

That is usually done by my dad because it's not an easy job. Cats hate to be showered. (I can't say cats hate to have water on their body; Notty loves playing with tap water till his back is all wet) When Notty was smaller, I was the one who bathed him; but now that he has grown into an adult cat, I couldn't handle him anymore. He struggles like crazy and I love him too much to hold him with strong force. So I let my dad do the job, although I think daddy goes a little violent while bathing Notty :(

But it was in the middle of the night, and my dad would be going to work the next day morning until evening, hence Notty would have charcoal stains on him for... almost a day?! Noooooo way! I need to constantly hug him and sniff him when he sleeps!

There was no other choice except to wash those stains off his body. By myself.

Of course I didn't have time to snap pictures and all, but for better illustration, I photoshop a picture of him to show you how he was like:

No exaggeration.

I hugged him to the sink, wet his body a little and applied shampoo on the stains. When I was done rubbing the stains, suddenly he decided to struggle and ran away with bubbles on his face!!!

To the ground floor!!! abcdefg!!!

I ran to the ground floor hoping to catch him. Notty happily ran around, stopped, looked at me as I walked near and ran away very fast--for many times--as if watching me ran around after him was very fun!!! In the end he hid under the cupboard and decided to lay down there. Showing off his victory because I couldn't reach him.

I waited patiently for a while but he decided to stay under the cupboard. So I went to fill a plastic water scoop with water...

Then he came kaypo (nosy in Hokkien). Aha curiosity kills a cat. I caught him quickly, put him in the sink and poured water onto his body. He scratched me very hard, I put up with the pain until I finished pouring the whole scoop of water, and-- poof.

He ran back to the second floor with his body wet!!!

Yes I meant second floor not first floor.

Clever Notty, he ran into my room thinking that I wouldn't find him. I locked the door, trapped him inside a box and started blowing him dry. Half way blowing him, he jumped out and did that stupid digging motion on my bed. He was a quarter wet by that time, but I knew he wanted to defecate (since when do I care about word choice lol). I let go of him from my room.

When he was gone doing his business, I suddenly realized that I poured cold water onto him. Cats have to be showered with warm water, their body heat is quite high hence cold shower might make them sick!

I felt guilty to the max :( Sat beside Notty for a good 10 minutes, apologizing to him while watching him lick himself dry. Haiz dunno who is who's master.

Anyway I think he punished me enough......

long, bleeding wound done by Notty

You can call this karma too if you want. Karma of blogging shits about people?

But I kinda enjoy the love bites from Notty lah, if you really wanna impose karma on me, you should write shits about me... (to give me more hits :D)

Aiya I know I'm not popular enough for people to set up hate sites lah :( sigh.

But I'm happy that he is now all clean!

End of the story.

Told you it's boring. Hahaha. Since you reach here, I shall reward you a few more pictures of Notty sleeping:

Last one!!!
Ah Meow why you put your legs in such complicated posture???

Okay I'm moving on to the KTM incident I want to rant about.



  1. I wish also! But where to keep him while on plane... big problem :(