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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Notty's new 'bed'

Just a photo post... wanted to post something controversial but I wasn't in the mood to go deep. And I'm reluctant to turn in now because no matter what time I sleep, I wake up at 2.30 pm wtf.

So do you still remember how Notty looked like when he was a kitten?

Notty is a very lucky cat. He usually has his naps on my bed, sometimes I even put a small blanket on him when I see him shivering.

One night when I was blogging, I was amused to see where Notty chose to sleep!

Not on some mats on the floor. Not on my bed. Not on the sofa.

He slept on...

the table!

I don't think people I know let their cats sleep on their beds, what about on the tables? :D

Sometimes he sleeps on boxes and chairs too. Or on some random books on the floor. Funny how when Donut left his textbook on the floor, Notty walked all the way towards the book and sat on it. And waved his tail. Hehehehe.

One thing bad when he sleeps on the table: I have to frequently check whether he is falling!

This means it's time to act and save him.

Will cats be as agile as usual when they sleep and fall down suddenly?

No enough space for him to sleep but still want to squeeze here. Crazy cat. I think cats love squeezing themselves into small spaces.

Hehehe square face!

And this is his signature sleeping pose!

OMG so cute can die!

He just woke up and I don't see him anywhere near now. I think he already went downstairs to look for lizards/cockroaches.



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