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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Nerdy Spectacles

Since when do black thick-framed spectacles become flattering?

I dunno why, I don't care, I just want :D

'Going to study in the States' is a good excuse to buy many things. So I finally got the permission to get myself a pair of nerdy spec:

Yea I know it doesn't look fashionable and sexy enough, which is why I call it nerdy spec. Nerdy spec is meant to be nerdy. And to help me camouflage...

TADAA!!! Not PS-ed! See how the spec makes my nose looks sharp!

Trying to look funny in a geeky way

looks decent? :)

outfit of the day

Last chio shot

I think I will wear this nerdy spec when I fly rather than (1) put on make-up before boarding, (2) remove make-up on flight, (3) put on make-up again before landing.

And I foresee more camwhoring shots with this spec on :D


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