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Sunday, July 17, 2011

My favorite Jay Chou's MVs

Note: This post is quite boring, you can quit already if you don't like Jay Chou or his music... but that's your loss muahahaha

Frankly speaking, I'm not a big fan of Jay Chou's. But I like his music!

When he first got popular, I actually disliked him because back then, I liked guys with big eyes and dark eyebrows. Or at least guys with double eye-lids and long eyelashes. Jay was confirmed not my cup of tea. I even called him ugly once or twice! But guess what, I started to like him more because 2 of my exes like his songs, and after I watched his In the Name of Father MV (以父之名).....

I found him sexy!

So I started to watch more of his MTVs, and now I think he is good-looking! And his music is awesome!

(I know, I'm so fickle-minded...)

I'm not crazy over him lah. I still dislike him sometimes due to one of my secondary school mates... she fancied Jay till the level of... erm, like how the teenage girls out there go crazy over Justin Bieber -_- annoying.

But I also started to like Justin Bieber wtf. Blame Rebecca Black!

A few hours ago, I suddenly thought of that song which changed my perception on Jay, so I YouTubed it. Then I just kept watching other Jay Chou's MVs and couldn't stop! Charmed or what?! He's not that good-looking all the time what! Walao... I think his music charmed me loh.

The following are my favorite ones:

Fantasy 2001 (2nd album)

Translated song title: Can't Tell You. Ignore the YouTube title, that's direct translation which is so hilarious and not poetic at all. (wuahaha like I'm very pro... Can't Tell You is not very poetic also lah) The song is about how he can't open his mouth to tell how much he loves his girl. Can't translate the whole lyrics cuz his lyrics are all super poetic, close to Chinese literature kind. My English is not up to the level yet... far from that standard in fact.

One of those 2 exes mentioned sang this song on stage and later he told me the song was dedicated to me. I didn't feel sweet cuz he went a bit off-pitch hahaha.

Jay showed his muscles in this video... sexy body! (but I don't find his face handsome) The girl is gorgeous!

I dunno how to translate the song title but the YouTube title is definitely wrong. (acting pro again...) 爱=Love; 在=preposition; 西元前=B.C. Not 'before century'. The song is about... his love for his beloved has already been existing since B.C.!

I like the scenes! Mysterious, beautiful, ancient. I don't find him attractive in this video though.

This song didn't get popular like the previous two. Translated song title: William's Ancient Castle. The song is about a vampire royal family and their slaves. He really does look like a vampire in this MV... I still don't find him handsome, but I'm a huge fan of vampires so there it counts! The second half of this video is quite boring.

Ye Hui Mei 2003 (4th album)

In case you're wondering why I didn't translate the album title, that's because Ye Hui Mei is his mother's name. So sweet right? He wrote songs about his mother and grandmother :)

AND THIS IS THE MUSIC VIDEO WHICH I FIND HIM SUPER SEXY!!! Love this song a lot too!!! Translated song title: In the Name of Father. Father refers to God. The song is about how he fails to resist temptations of fame, power, wealth, hatred and revenge. In the chorus he prays to God and asks for forgiveness.

OMG I dunno why I find him so sexy in this MV and I watched it more than 50 times already! Each time I watch I still find him sexy!!! Look at him when he is doing the 'cheers' movement... so charming... look at him when he is holding a gun, showing his anger! Especially when he is in suit and wearing sunglasses... fuyoh so hot leh... LOOK AT HIM when he is in his clean white shirt and lying on the bed! Omg omg I so wanna cling onto his body and tear off his shirt!!! SUPER ATTRACTIVE!!!

I wanna watch this MV again after I finish this post. *anxious*

Qi Li Xiang 2004 (5th album)

The album title 七里香 is that orange jasmine plant termed Murraya paniculata. Again I dunno how to translate the song title... 止=stop, 战=war, 之=preposition, 殇=war also. The song is about how the people suffering during war. This MV was shot in Russia, I love the scenes and the children. I'm especially touched by the chorus saying: What is the shape of hope on the children's faces? Are they just hoping to have breads and soup as breakfast after they wake up?

Anyway, as much as I don't like wars, I understand that wars are necessary for revolution... wars are just inevitable on the way of achieving peace. Haiz, such a controversial world.

Still Fantasy 2006 (7th album)

Translated song title: Norturne. I didn't really pay attention to the lyrics, what attracted me is the storyline in this MV. Again I found Jay attractive! I like guys with high IQ~~ Can't stand hot guys with shallow minds. Not good-looking plus shallow-minded is even worse... if they don't wanna take my advice of improving their intellect, I guess I would advise them to just stay at home wanking and don't come out to insult people. Hahahaha!

Smart guys look so attractive when they are serious! Other examples: L (Death Note), Sherlock, Dr. House.

Scorpion 2008 (9th album)

Translated song title: Uncle Joker. The song is about... erm... about how he makes a fool of himself to entertain the girl he likes? Jay looks so cool even though he is dancing in that funny-looking clown attire... I wonder how many guys can look cool instead of stupid in funny clothes. Oh and LOOK AT HIM IN THAT BLUE SILK SHIRT! I can imagine the aroma of the perfume he sprays on his neck... hmm... super seductive! So tempted to touch his chest muscles under that silk shirt uh huh~

Translated song title: Snake Dance. I like this MV because I'm crazy over ancient Egypt and the girls are super hot!!! Gosh I also wanna learn to dance like this to seduce men!!! Confirmed I will take dance lessons after I fly to the States.

Crossing Era 2010 (10th album)

Translated song title: Crossing Era. Victorian setting with a bunch of gorgeous vampires how can I not love this MV?! Love when Jay's eyes change color! I remember how I kept replaying the pirated VCD of Constantine where the eyes of the boys go completely black when they use super power~ Mad love. Anyway I think the monster looks very fake and clumsy. Hahaha.

The end of this post. I'm going to watch 以父之名 again bye bye.


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