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Monday, July 11, 2011

Mock Trials ❣ Exorcism, Scopes, Hippies

Read Mock Trial--Cult first if you are wondering what the heck mock trial is.

So I said I took two Borges' classes, one was American History II, another was Sociology. The trial topic I got for Sociology class was exorcism. All students in my SOC103 class were in defense team whereas students in Philosophy class were in plaintiff team (not called 'prosecution' because this was a civil case, not criminal case). We had to do class vs class because we had small number of students in each class, or else Prof. Borges normally assigned students in a class into 2 or even 4 teams.

Story of our exorcism case: Davie Davenport, an 8-year-old kid died after a exorcism. The parents sue Reverend Jimmy Jenkins (sound familiar to you? I used this name in 2 of my FB-related posts :P) for causing Davie's death due to violent exorcism method.

In this case I was Tammy Taylor, another reverend of the same religion with Reverend Jenkins. This Reverend Jenkins was a hot cake, he was involved in many affairs with the witnesses as stated in the developments (developments were updates of the story which Prof. Borges made up during the 10 weeks of preparation for trial).

In the end we made Jenkins impotent to get rid of the accusations. Muahahha poor Jenkins!

I love the videos we made. Super interesting! You can hardly find trial video so entertaining you know! Prof. Borges had a good time watching these. I could tell he was very amused. Hehehe.

1. BDSM video: Witness from the plaintiff's side claimed that Jenkins raped her. We twisted their claim and said it was her who raped him and made him impotent! Muahahaha poor me had to act as the slutty Mindy Malone. We died laughing while taking this video! Made several attempts before we recorded a successful one!

I felt like a pedophile when I looked at Sean's dolly face.

You don't think he looks dolly? Look properly! Esp his eyes! Not dolly?

What about...

Now tell me how. How to act slutty to seduce and tease him (without laughing out loud)? Like trying to abuse a child! Only if I found out this earlier...

I would have ripped his shirt apart to entertain the audience muahahahaa.

Yer. Still doesn't feel right :/

2. Tabloid news: The plaintiff side's lawyer, Gloria Garby had a very colorful profile. 4 divorces, 6 arrests of drunk-driving, lawyer's license suspended twice. We claimed that Jenkins was the cause. He rejected her, she screwed up her own life, now she took the case to revenge on Jenkins. I had fun photoshopping Gloria with Justin Bieber, Jacob Black, Prison Break's main character (Miler Wentworth?) and Johnny Depp :D The way Kavitha reported this was amusing. "TADAA!!!" so hilarious!

3. Betty's exorcism: successful case. Betty's disappearance for 4 seconds took me 4 hours to edit. The ghost's voice was my voice... lol

4. Davie's exorcism: death scene video. Faiz (volunteer helper) who acted as Davie was so hyperactive like he really got possessed, we got frightened by his sudden scream O_O Acting as Davie was a tough job as he had to shout and run a lot, be tied up using rough rope, be pushed around, be drowned... BIG THANKS TO FAIZ!!! (I hope I spell your name correctly!)

Small thanks to other volunteer helpers hahaha no la BIG thanks also lah!

(siao... -_-)

The trial was full of dramas :D First, Davie's mother (plaintiff's side) cried when Gloria (their lawyer) questioned her. She cried and wept and blamed Reverend Jenkins for causing the death of her son.

Mindy Malone was the second highlight. She was the one who claimed being raped by Reverend Jenkins. She told the juries she was having Jenkins' child in her tummy. She said she showed up to be at the plaintiff's side not to revenge on Jenkins because she was now madly in love with him! Really siao, she preferred to stay in the church and be raped regularly because she needed the salary, later she fell in love with the rapist. Siao zar boh... (the character, not you Rebecca :P)

The third highlight was even more siao. The town witness from our side, Nadine Neal (Sheakee) was accused of having an affair with Reverend Jenkins (again!). The plaintiff came up with evidences showing that Nadine Neal was a strip dancer. They had a video of Nadine seducing Jenkins. We found it troublesome to deny their accusation, hence we went with the flow by admitting that Nadine was a strip dancer :D but she didn't know because she had MPD! Multiple personalities disorder! The strip dancer was not Nadine but Andrea (her split personality). When our lawyer questioned Sheakee, she was Nadine. Then their lawyer questioned Sheakee, forcing her to admit that her testimonial was fake--TADAA! Nadine turned into Andrea!

Sheakee walked to Prof. Borges and asked him, "Can I strip off here? It's so hot."

Prof. Borges signaled her to go back to where she should stand. Sheakee slowly walked to the table and continued testifying. She ran away from the questions by mumbling things like "It's hot here", "I'm supposed to be at the club dancing", "I dunno, go ask that boring stupid Nadine". At one point, their lawyer asked her how she knew about something and Sheakee answered, "Because I am the TOP STRIP DANCER IN THE WORLD!" lololol

The forth highlight during the trial, also the most dramatic one was... ME :D hahahaha really leh!!! I was a reverend with special talent. I got possessed by the spirit of Davie Davenport :D Natasya (our lawyer) was questioning me, then I fell to the ground--I was professional enough not to hurt myself. I fell too real, they stood up in shock and thought I really fainted. My teammates dashed to me (of course we planned it) and I regained conscious. Jenkins shouted "She is being possessed now!" and signaled people not to come near me. I stood up, burst into tears and told people in the court that I died not because of the exorcism. The exorcism was successful, but the possession before was too long, I died due to malnutrition because the demon forced me to vomit all the food I had eaten. Then I fainted again.

Hehehe I dunno how I managed to have continuous flow of tear on my cheeks! It was super fun! I think I have talent to be an actress, might stand a chance to win an Oscar if the movie industry finds me :D Prof. Borges said not many people can produce real tear in acting! I was sooooo flattered~ *kembang*

Yet we lost... My acting couldn't save the mistakes my team made :( Jess, one of the juries told me about the major reasons we lost. (because I asked her lah)

Main reason 1: The stupid doctor of our side didn't check the certificates! Eza took the certificates of qualification from Ashiekah (the doctor from my side in cult case) and asked Leng to change the names on the certificates. He didn't change all. He changed those on top and ignored those at the bottom. I don't see how hard the work was, but he just didn't do it properly.

Lawyer from the opposition noticed it and fired Leng to death. Actually Leng could still cover it up by saying those certificates with the wrong names were taken wrongly by the secretary or something like that, but guess what he said? He said those with the wrong names were his and the names were typed wrongly due to the university's fault! And he never asked the university to do corrections! Walao eh damn ridiculous okay!!!! No common sense meh you?!

Worse part was, when he finished testifying, he still dared to poke Eza repeatedly (the trial was not over yet) and blamed her for not checking. Hello dude, Eza did all your paperwork okay? (basically Eza and I did almost all evidences, Eza did the documents and I did the videos) You are supposed to do those certificates and reports but you did them the kindergarten way and she helped you redo. How did she know you couldn't even complete work as easy as changing names?! Not appreciative is fine, you still point finger at her wtf man?! Blame yourself for the shitty way of explaining the mistake lah okay?

Another reason we lost: Sean a.k.a. Reverend Jenkins was absent during the first half of the trial because he was helping his friend out in INTI idol. He was the background drummer. For sure, he was not as clear-minded as we were because he missed the earlier questioning session. He was quite blurred when he answered the lawyer. Yet I'm not mad at him because I already made fun of him earlier in this post.... lol kidding! I was not that mad because he already informed us and apologized for not being able to attend the whole trial. He didn't answer well but at least he didn't give obviously ridiculous answer like Leng did. And he didn't put blame on others when he was the one responsible. I bitch about Leng because he never apologized. Perhaps he doesn't think it was his fault..... BAH.

Anyway the overall process was enjoyable! I like Natasya's lawyer style :) witty!

Sean, Eza, Prof. Borges, Zack, Leng, Kavitha, Natasya, Sheakee, me

Prof. Borges announced Rizal and I as the Best Dressed Male and Female. Rizal was acting as a Catholic priest.

Scopes and Hippies were another 2 trials of the semester. Scopes trial, also known as Monkey trial, was the only one having real historical background. It was a case in 1925 in which the state of Tennessee sued John Scopes for teaching evolutionism in school.

In Scopes and Hippies trials, half of the witnesses were from present whereas half of the witnesses were from old time (because the real Scopes trial was held in 1925 whereas hippied existed in 1960s). So how could people from the old time and people from the present attend trials together? People from the old time were already dead!

No worries, Prof. Borges had the solution--the dead were brought back to life!

Scopes trial. Abbas (the Pakistani) was probably one of the worst lawyers in Prof. Borges' trials. It was okay to be not sharp and not smart, but when not sharp + not smart + lazy + arrogant = die. As if having a terrible lawyer was not enough, John Scopes in this case (the Chinese) confessed -- die terribly.

Victory went to the prosecution team.

The Hippies...

Peace, brother!

The Hippies case was another epic case. They came up with 90+ evidences... siao to the max. Both my trials had only around 30 each, both lasted around 3 and a half hours. Although Darren and Rizal (the lawyers) cut it down to 70+, that number was still insane. Their trial lasted 7 hours... superb. I think the juries nearly died.

The result of this 7-hour trial: DRAW.

Left: A brought-back-to-life pregnant Hippie (Catherine)
Right: Obviously Catholic nun! (Pui Leng)

I dunno how to end this post nicely, so I think... this post shall end abruptly here. (quoted XiaXue)


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