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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mock Trial ❣ Cult

Either Sociology or Philosophy or American History or Politics, mock trial is a must in Professor Borges' classes. You should know it well if you are/were an AUPian in INTI International University. I took 2 Borges' classes during my last semester in INTI-IU, one of them was American History II. The trial topic I got was CULT.

Okay, might be a little complicated if you are not an INTI AUPian, lemme explain how our mock trial worked:
1. Suggestion of trial topics
2. Vote for trial topics
3. Professor Borges dropped the case (write the story)
4. Professor Borges assigned people into different teams
5. Selection of lawyers by each team
6. Lawyer assigned characters to team members (like murderer, murderer's friend, victim's parents etc.)
7. Professor Borges approved the 'witnesses' and gave the name and age of each witness
8. Lawyer develops theory (create their side of story) to win the case
9. Lawyer and members invent evidences to prove their theories
10. Presentation of evidences before trial
11. Trial. Lawyers question each witness and present evidences while questioning
12. Juries discuss and vote.
13. The judge (Professor Borges) announces the verdict.

Back to the story. I was the lawyer of the prosecution team for cult case. The case was like this...

In 1975, Tommy Topper, a resident of Centralia, began a cult –“The Children of Light”, which has rock and roll atmosphere, advocacy of free sex and drug usage. Tommy Topper has been accused by ex-members of beating and raping members. In this case, Willie Wilson, a member who suffered alcoholic poisoning, died during a suicide rehearsal (drinking big bowl of whisky) on December 1, 2010.

So the prosecution team claimed that Topper was aware that Wilson could not take liquor yet forced him to drink a big bowl of whisky because Wilson was a spy and Topper wanted to get rid of him. The defense team claimed that Wilson died not because of the whisky but because of his own addiction of drug.

It was my second time being a lawyer. I learned from experience that we had to be precise in creating evidences. The murder scene video was the most important piece of evidence, and the best part was that the defense team was making their own murder scene video too! There could be only 1 murder scene, hence we had to make ours real and claimed the opposite team's video was not the murder scene but something else (acting/playing game/etc).

I made a super long video (7 minutes) to prove that
1. Topper was fully aware that Wilson would die if he took liquor again.
2. Topper planned to make Wilson drank a big bowl of whisky.
3. Wilson drank the whisky and died.
4. Ambulance came.

Link to our murder scene video

The defense team did not spend much time to discuss and prepare their evidences. Their murder scene video were short (1 minute?) and only involved 4 cult members; no ambulance. Their 'Wilson' drank whisky and fell to the ground, then the video ended--didn't prove that Wilson did die. This was one of their fatal mistakes.

Lemme show you some evidences before I reveal the rest of their mistakes... Take note that we acted as different witnesses (see, we couldn't ask the real witness from the opposite team to help us make evidences, or else they would know our strategy), it's complicated thus I won't explain the purpose of making each piece and who was who, just enjoy the pictures lah :D

Rizal happily slapped my head.

Woots! My sexy back and sexy hair! Hahahaha.
Lesbian-ing with JiaXin after taking drug.

The ape wearing sunglasses was very happy that he could kiss a human.

Topper attempting to rape Wilson's wife. Jessica kept laughing. She said she had no talent in acting and she had no idea how to appear miserable. So KaiYuan asked Jess to scream. Jess happily screamed. The rapist happily slapped her.

Traumatized hahahhahahahhahahhahaa.

This pervert was hiding at the corner because he wished to watch live porn... lol kidding! He tried to save Wilson's wife from being raped lah, but too bad they saw him and bashed him up.

CCTV in the coroner (autopsy doctor)'s office

Murder scene video. Wilson was a spy, he put hidden cameras around the temple to assist the police.

The cult members were high.

Receiving a big bowl of whisky from the leader

Two members carrying Wilson's corpse.

Tough nut: Both teams have their own police officer and coroner, holding different reports, telling different stories.

Solution: Disqualify theirs.
1. Their police officer claimed himself as the Chief of Police. When I questioned him, I asked him to tell me all the rankings from bottom to top. He couldn't answer me. I said, "I have no questions for you since I don't even believe that you are a real police," then I walked back to my seat.
2. Their coroner forgot to prepare all the certificates needed to become a coroner. I questioned her credibility (again).

I know right, I was very mean :/ mainly because they sorta pissed my teammate off lah. During the presentation of evidences on the day before trial, we pointed out wrong dates on their evidences and let them do the corrections. My teammates were already unhappy as the defense team forgot to say thank you. (lol) Then during the trial, they spotted a wrong date on one of our evidence and the lawyer attacked... now you see why.

Anyway I think we deserve the victory leh because we put in so much effort :) staying up till late night to take video, discuss, type documents, make sound recordings etc etc. Thanks to all my teammates and other volunteer helpers for giving me so much cooperation! Muaks! ♥

Me, Professor Borges, Doreen (lawyer of defense team)

Okay why was I so vain (note the sunglasses)? B'cuz Prof. Borges made my lawyer's profile that way! My opening statement was super shameless:

"May it please the court, ladies and gentlemen of the jury. I, Tina Lorrance, *take off sunglasses* the superb prosecutor which was ranked the best lawyer on News Week Magazine 2008, 2009, 2010, who has been to Larry King’s and Oprah’s show, who has never failed a single case, *flick hair* stand firm in the court for the 107th time to again serve justice and uphold the Constitution of the States! "

I could see that Prof. Borges was very happy when I acted shamelessly.

Jess was the highlight of the case. Her name in the case was Winnie Wilson. Before the trial, as suggested by my other teammates, I told her I was gonna ask her about her maiden name and she was supposed to answer me "Winnie Pooh". She was very reluctant to agree on that, even warned me not to ask her that question.

Then during the trial, when I asked her to introduce yourself, she said in a calm and serious tone: "I am Winnie Wilson, my maiden name is Winnie Pooh."

Everyone burst into laughter; I almost choked 'cuz I didn't expect her to say it out loud before I asked her!

Prof. Borges mumbled "it's a good name" and smiled (nodding).

Prof. Borges looked super cute in this picture. Like Santa Claus hehehe.

Yoy taking away the attention!

Win Shi, the photographer inside and outside the case

Topper (Darick) was sentenced to jail! 15 years muahahaha.
Left to right: Ashiekah, Vanessa, Win Shi, Me, Jess, Kai Yuan, Yoy

I was so mean and sarcastic (and sharp! :P) that Prof. Borges asked me to consider changing my major to law... I think I frightened a lot of people, Darren and Rizal (lawyers of another case) told me they felt lucky that their opponent was not me. *kembang* :D

After the trial, we went to McDonald's to celebrate our victory till 3 a.m.! Playing poker cards and laughing over some jokes about the trial. Can't tell you here :P

Memorable 5th semester :)


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