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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Untold message

I was having my lunch at McDonald's in KL Sentral, alone. Somebody put a card on my table. The card said: "Hello! I'm deaf. I made some handicrafts to sell, RM10 each."

Then I saw a hand putting some wooden key chains on my table. All were beautifully made. I raised my head and saw a Chinese guy smiling. He looked young, perhaps just a few years older than me; his skin was very fair.

What made me like him (I don't like people asking for donation) was that calm, delighted smile on his face, as if the crowded, noisy, hot, stuffy atmosphere had no effect on him. Suddenly my world became as quiet as his.

I smiled and pointed at his closed palm. He opened his fist and displayed those key chains he was holding. I picked one with biblical sentence on it and paid him ten ringgit. He smiled in silence and walked to the table in front of mine.

At that moment, I had an strong urge to tell him a message, but I had no pen and paper with me. Before I remembered that I could actually type it on my phone and show him, a McDonald's worker came and chased him away. She was pushing him and yelling, "Oii, tak de derma-derma di sini har, nanti I tampar..." (Oii, no charity here huh, later I slap you...)

He left.

In the following 1 hour, I kept telling myself that once I reached home, I must google and learn the sign language of that 3 words I wanted to tell him.

I didn't know whether he really made those handicrafts;
I didn't know whether he is a Christian;
I didn't know how he became deaf;
I didn't even know his name.

But I was deeply touched, perhaps by his attitude, perhaps by his defect, perhaps by the beauty of the key chain. I thought about how the world is unfair and how love is fair, about body and soul, about the weak and the strong. Thoughts flooded me; I almost teared. The urge of passing that particular message was just so strong.

I wanted to tell him--

"God loves you."


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