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Monday, July 11, 2011

Heartless Daughter

My grandaunt just passed away in the old folk's home.

She was my maternal grandmother's eldest sister. Since I was a kid, she came and stayed with my family for a month or so every year. Her husband passed away when she was in her 30s. She adopted a daughter who is 2 years younger than my mom and the granddaughter is 2 years younger than me.

My grandaunt's husband passed away when the adopted daughter was 12. She worked hard to send her to KL and Singapore to study. And then the daughter had a scandal with a married man and got pregnant. The married man dumped her and did not want to bear any financial responsibilities. My grandaunt was the one taking care of the granddaughter while the daughter went hunting for jobs and boyfriends (yes, she kept changing boyfriends until she settled down with the current one). My grandaunt was also the one who did most of the housework, since the daughter wanted to rest after coming back from work whereas the granddaughter wanted to study.

So you think my grandaunt's sacrifices gained their appreciation and respect--but the truth was the opposite way. Both the daughter and granddaughter love to pick up fights with my grandaunt. Sometimes my grandaunt even called us (my mom, my another aunt or my grandma) and cried about the never-ending quarrels.

That was still okay. They were still staying together. Then things got worse. The daughter started rearing big dogs and stray cats these few years. Not only helping out with the housework and cooking for the family, taking care of the big dogs and cooking food for the dogs had become my grandaunt work too. My grandaunt was in her late 60s, yes, not really that old after all as she was basically healthy and could still walk in regular pace, but the workload for an old woman was really too much. Added with their un-respectful attitude, my grandaunt was treated like a maid.

My grandaunt tried to have her workload reduced but the daughter ignored her request. She then ran away from home twice. The daughter found her, fetched her back home and made her do those work again. The third time she ran away, the daughter never attempted to find her anymore. She went to an old folk's home nearby and settled down there. She contacted us and told us not to tell her daughter because she was tired of being treated like a maid in the house.

Recently, she went to the hospital alone to do cataract surgery, using her own money. Probably because she couldn't see well during the recovery, she fell down in the old folk's home and was sent to the hospital. She passed away.

And now only the daughter knew that my grandaunt was staying in the old folk's home in the past 1 year. She called us after the hospital informed her about the death, claiming that she thought my grandaunt was staying with us since she left home. The granddaughter was crying and blaming herself. She sounded so regretful--

I hope guilt follows her for the rest of her life. Your mother ran away from home because of you. Ask yourself how much she had sacrificed for you and what did she get in return? And you just let her go like that without any attempt to find her! Not even any attempt to find out where she was staying and how she was doing! Zero attempt. When your mom called, you did not show any concern but hang up after you said you were busy working and your daughter was busy studying. You said you thought she was staying with us--did you ask? Did you ask her? Did you ask us? Not even a single phone call! For almost a year! How hard was it to dial our number and ask us if you seriously think she was staying with us?

Yet you did not. You didn't even bother to confirm your assumption. You didn't care about her health, her living, her happiness, you didn't care about nothing! What if she walked out from the old folk's home and died in some backstreet a few months earlier? You wouldn't know a shit! Her corpse might be rotting there if nobody saw! And that was what your poor old mother deserved?! Where is your moral?! Is there even any humanity left in you before guilt hits you?! Now you dare to shed tears?! Hello?! You were ignorant about her for almost a year!!! If she didn't pass away and the hospital didn't inform you, you would continue to ignore her until she died right? No?

And your daughter--i.e. my cousin, is not any less sinful. You witness your mother treating your poor grandma like that and you took no action. How old are you already? Turning 18 this year? How hard was it to help out with some housework? You need to study, really? Scoring good results is so important to you? The education on you has gone to waste. Yeah right, you were in the Top 50 Best Results in PMR right, GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THE VERY BASIC MORAL. Your grandma was the one taking care of you since you were an infant. Till she left home. All you did were picking fights with her and joining your mom in pretending that she never existed. I don't have even 1% interest in knowing your score in SPM, whatever shit you scored spells straight 9G's to me. You are one of the best examples that our education system fails terribly. Shame on you. I hope you get no scholarship. You don't deserve any.


I hope guilt hits them real hard. They should repent to God and write a list of how they are going to redeem their sin. Or else, I hope they both got dumped into the jungle when they grow old. Serve them right.

(Duh... I mentioned the word 'God' and now I feel guilty for cursing... so the cursing shall end here)

Please, if your parents never abused/molested/raped you, do not ever mistreat them now or when they are older. Otherwise I wish you suffer Parkinson's disease and die in loneliness.

Okay I seriously should end the post before I curse more.



  1. :'( it is a sad story. im sure your aunt will regret for the rest of her life.

    i feel so sad reading she came to hospital ALONE? :'( and using HER OWN MONEY?


    you should let them to read this post!

  2. R.I.P grandaunt....
    Let's not blame them, both the daughter and the grand daughter of your grandaunt, let God decide what kind of pain they will suffer.

  3. I wish they read this too! Gahhhhh! But I am not in contact with them, it would be rude (I know I shouldn't care being rude to them) if I just call and ask them to check out this post!

    Ishhh my grandma should scold the daughter lah but I think she didn't... cuz the daughter is crying at the funeral. Blah. Grandma just called and told us the daughter kept saying she thought her mom was staying with us... wtf man