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Monday, July 18, 2011

Handmade Egyptian Box

I'm still thinking how to split the 80 edited Perhentian Trip pictures into 2 or 3 posts so I think I should update my blog with something light first...

(see... OCD liao one day no update will feel guilty. siao.)

Donut was bugging me to help him do decorate his wooden box (art homework... or is it Living Skills?) because he had no time for all these nonsense. Donut is only 12 but is always busy for competitions such as impromptu story-telling speech-giving poem-reciting choral speaking drama bla bla bla. I've been back home for 2 months but he seldom has time to talk to me. He attends school from 7.30 a.m. to 4 p.m on weekdays, sometimes stays at school for training until 10 p.m. (his teachers are crazy...); whereas on weekends, he attends tuition classes. Within these 2 months, he stayed overnight at hotels for around 5 times due to competitions. Crazy kid. Last year he was interviewed by Nan Yang Siang Pau seriously wtf?! When I was in primary school I also represented my school in that many competitions but why nobody ever interviewed me?!!! So unfair!!!

I remember I told Donut to tell the reporter to interview me.

Yet he didn't. *burst out crying*

Anyway this is why he doesn't have time to really talk to me. When he is at home he will be studying for UPSR which he is gonna sit for on September. So I helped him decorate the wooden junk...

Forgot to take a 'before' picture. Here are the 'after' pics!

eye of Horus

I was quite shocked to find out Donut's interest in ancient Egyptian culture cuz I love it like crazy too. And I've never told Donut about this--meaning he grows interest in it by himself. Is this due to the blood tie or what?

The symbols were stolen from here.

real size

Description of Eye of Horus, copied from here. I almost broke my right hand writing those (which explain why the handwriting becomes more and more messy) and my eyes almost went blind after I was done with the whole box. Such a good sister I am...

Oii don't judge first! My handwriting is actually very nice. Lemme write something to prove to you...

Done! See!

Okay lah not very neat because I wrote on a paper without lines. And I've not been writing for 2 months already... *defensive*

Don't tell me you're shocked that I can write in Chinese okay, I had my writings published in 《少年》 and I'm currently running a Chinese duo blog! The link is at the bottom of the sidebar if you're interested.

I'm not showing off, just don't wanna be mistaken as a banana... No offense to bananas. Banana is one of my favorite fruits.

Ok bye bye big kiss!


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