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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bodoh grammar

I came across a YouTube clip which I think is the most truthful Bersih Rally video I've watched so far. Found a grammar mistake over the title of this video, hence I left a comment to remind the uploader. Then this YouTube user with a stupid name called istillloveguitar came and insulted me:

Translation: dumb!!! focus on more important thing can or not?

Fine, I admit it was not very rude, but what's with this attitude of calling me BODOH just because I pointed out the mistake? When you use a language, you abide to the rules of this language and English has its own rule called grammar okay?

What's wrong with pointing the mistake out?

I did not go like "Oi you stupid, should be 'truth that cannot be coverED' lah, if your English is not good don't use English lah okay, you can't even type the title correctly, improve your English before you care about Bersih Rally stupid!" so why the heck did you have to call me BODOH?!

I can understand if I listed out ALL the grammar mistakes and you call me BODOH, that way you are correct about me not focusing on 'more important thing'. But I pointed out just one in a neutral way (emotionless tone) so what's your fucking problem?!

Why did you read and reply my comment anyway? Fokus bende yg lagi penting boleh tak?

I. hate. uncivilized. people. acting. smart.

Oh, I am also acting smart? There, you're right. I myself don't write good English and I constantly make lots of grammar mistakes. But I'm open to criticism! (feel free to correct my grammar... you'll have a lot of work to do).

I care about grammar, grammar mistakes irritate me, I feel annoyed when I read shitty English on FB. By 'shitty' I don't mean rojak English or what you call Manglish/Singlish, I mean those which get basic grammar wrong.

Yes, it's not that important to write/speak perfect English but if people with good English can't get your message, it is important to get your grammar right! It's okay if you wanna stick with your shitty grammar, but why do you have to insult people who point out the mistakes (in a friendly/neutral manner)???

I'm glad that the uploader corrected the title:

Where is istillloveguitar now? Hugging guitar? *sarcastic laugh*
Btw, I think thisisDJsan was quite confused with my gender. Asked me to calm my tits, then called me 'dude'...... I'm not a shemale my dear. -_-


Updates (Heartless Daughter):
My grandma just came back from the funeral. She said she didn't scold the daughter because it was already pointless to do so; whether the daughter regrets or not, my grandaunt cannot be brought back to life.

What about the granddaughter? Well, according to my grandma, the granddaughter just sat there on the sofa. She didn't serve the guests nor greet the elders. She just sat there and watched. She is obese by the way... Just imagining the scene makes me so wanna slap her. Hello?! The one lying in the coffin is your grandma! The poor old lady who took care of you (and your big dogs)! It's her funeral and you just let your fat body lump on the sofa?!

I think it's understandable why she did not greet the elders who attended the funeral— she didn't even respect her own grandma, what else do you expect from her?

My grandaunt is already dead, yet they didn't give her the last respect.

I feel like crying.

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