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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

You are selfish

"You are selfish."
"I'm not."
"Admit it. Everybody is."
"No I'm not, I ......"


Want to be successful to make your family proud? Want to be well-off to give your wife and children a better living? Want to be a good teacher to mold a better society?

or even...

Want to find cure for cancer to help human beings? Want to donate money to make poor people live better?

You know how I see this?
Everything I do is for my own self.
For family, for society, for people in need --> For me.
Doing things for people is my own interest and is for my benefits, because whatever I do is to make myself feel better.
Yes you help people because you have concern for them, you wanna make them happy bla bla bla yes of course I know because I'm like you too, but all these matter only when making them happy makes you and me happy.

The origin of all your motives and actions is you. Admit it.
But I'm not asking you to be selfish as in 'regardless of others' okay. I'm trying to justify the existence of selfishness in all of us.

The logic is like this:

See? You must make it indirect and tadaa--you are hereby recognized to be selfless!

By the way, although I hate ignorance, I am still tolerant of selfish people who are ignorant when compared to selfish people who harm others for worthless interests.

(Aren't ignorance a sort of harm too by allowing the suffering continues? Define worthless? Ahhh... enough enough! The readers know what I mean la! Gila debate -_-)

You can say I'm twisting words, I just can't resist posting this after knowing my bestest (I know there is no such word) friend's relationship situation...

"You are selfish."
"And you're not??"
"I'm not. I know."


YOU refuse to meet up with your girlfriend every time she asks for it;
YOU don't text/call your girlfriend much;
YOU don't want to listen when your girlfriend is down;
YOU even accuse her of trying to annoy you when she asks for a little commitment.

"Try to understand, it's not that I don't want to meet/text/call often, you know it's because of (insert reasons here)..."

Yadda yadda I don't care if your reasons (be thankful I don't use the word 'excuses') are true and valid, YOUR girlfriend is feeling down, insecure and lonely because of YOU, may I ask what have you done to make her feel better?

Don't say you sacrifice/suffer to maintain this relationship because what she has gone through is NOT ANY LESS. I'm not denying that you have done a lot for her, but what you do is not what she wants/needs! Distance becomes an obstacle only when you don't make an effort to overcome it! Blah!

I dunno what the hell that fellow is thinking. I can't find any other girl who can bear all these, his temper, neglect and unwillingness to commit.

Yet he calls her selfish and insists he's not!!! Does he know how to spell 'treasure' or not???

Back to my point...

I fucking can't stand people with holier-than-thou attitude! Just admit that you are selfish la please, don't deny it and call other people selfish instead! I hate these hypocrites as much as I hate act-innocently-cute-and-show-cleavage type of girls! (must include girls, don't wanna be called sexist after bitching about that fellow)


(I don't know her personally, my bestie showed me her FB profile and we just don't respect the way she takes self-shots... Innocence and cleavage don't go together!!!)


  1. fucking right about the girl and guy selfishness...

    and i dont respect the way the girl taking photo also.. Want show cleavage then make it bigger! Want show innocent then dont show the slut-ish mouth and small longkang!

    lol..felt sorry for the girl now =.=

  2. I don't feel sorry for her since she makes the pictures public for everyone to access :P

    LOL I wanted to say something like 'want to show cleavage then make it deeper la' but decided not to. Because mine is also not deep. Hahaha!

  3. GOOD ONE!!! :D
    I'm so proud of you LOLLLLLLLL

  4. I can't see her boobie line :) hahahahahah