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Monday, June 13, 2011

WTF Prom Night 3 ❣ Prom King & Queen

I'm in bad mood because of hormone imbalance & INTI-IU's fucking slow and unstable line so don't be surprised if you find this post emo. And I miss Notty so fucking much okay!!! He was all mad when I was about to leave the house... love bites everywhere :'(

Okay back to the prom. Last part.

Note: Some pictures were taken by hired professional photographers, some were taken from friends' albums on FB. I put blog address on them because I edited all pictures before posting.

Part 1 and Part 2

Some other questions the prom king and queen candidates got:
1. Define success. (James: Success is being able to set a goal.)
2. Describe yourself with a color. (Huey Huey: Blue, according to the Bible...)
3. If you were to change one thing in Malaysia, what would it be? (Wee Boon: I would make the speed limit on roads higher.)

Thanks Kah Wai for the reminder :) Update me if you remember Li Ann's and Danial's first questions, thanks!

The dance-floor was opened by..... Wonder Six!

"I want nobody nobody but you~"

Look at the confidence!

but the PA forgot to stop the music where it was supposed to...

so they continued dancing... impromptu

*clap clap*

Next, the dance-floor started! Deprivation of clubbing for a month got me anxious. I dashed onto the stage wuahahahahahahaha!!! (damn I'm so bipolar now... hormone imbalance is a bitch)

... and I was blinded by flash and disco light

Some chio shots by the photographer:

Don't ask me what is chio. I'm shameless enough to use this word because not all people understand it.

But the meaning is obvious :D

Too bad the dance-floor session was too short (not more than 30 minutes if I am not mistaken), and the guests were not sporting enough. Only a few people danced.

Next, time to announce the winners!!! Oh wait, I promised to attach a photo of the emcees:

Back to the winners! Put your hands together (I know you won't though -_-) for the Best Match!

Rizal and Symone!!! Another interracial pair.

Best Dressed Female...

Farahin! OMG that scarf alone was so elegant. Beside her was Fatimah.

And the PROM KING award went to.....


Danial and his Iban partner, Evelyn

Evelyn is gorgeous ♥

Did I win the Prom Queen? Why didn't I mention the Best Dressed Male?


Benji and Huey Huey!!!

Gotta show you their very cute prizes:

for Prom King and Queen

for the Best Match

for the Best Dressed Male and Female... love these bunnys! (are they?)

Last performance which ended the night:

Li Ann and Syakir, performing "Malaysiaku Gemilang"

another beautiful voice :)

Some random pictures:

Hakim. Many photos in these 3 posts are stolen from his FB albums.

Hazeem folding Jalur Gemilang. Told you, we are a bunch of patriotic kids :D

Epic expressions by Sinclairze and Tpl
(hahaha blame KerMing, Tpl sounds so 亲切~)

My cleavage was blooming~~~
(I know you feel like slapping me. Hahaha!)

I'm not gonna attach a list of people to thank :P just... erm, thanks to all people involved, we had a memorable night! :)

-After prom, in female dorm-
"Fuhhhhhhhh!!! What a release! Damn these heels, make-up and tight dress!"


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