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Friday, June 10, 2011

WTF Prom Night 2 ❣ Performances

Note: Some pictures were taken by hired professional photographers, some were taken from friends' albums on FB. I put blog address on them because I edited all pictures before posting.

Part 1 is here

I eagerly changed into rocker's look right after the buffet started, so that I wouldn't have to rush my make-up. Then I realized there was around 1 more hour to go before my turn -.-

Jason's sweater

When I walked across the ballroom to take my food, I kinda felt piercing stare from everybody because of this heavy make-up... :/

Thank God the food was edible. Did not leave special impression though, so I guess it was not very mesmerizing.

(Hey President Loh... don't feel stabbed eh :P although I did blame you a bit... LOL joking!!! I didn't even blame the cook, was too hungry to really taste)

While eating (or was it after?), we watched VCR sent from the States, recorded by 4 friends of ours who have already flown off as freshmen (we are flying as sophomores).

Apparently Kevin, LeeLee, SooNee and Luoyi have acquired some American accent :)

Next, the performances:

Kah Wai & Wee Boon

...... plus Mike

Afif and Ker Ming. The audience gave applause instantly after she sang the first line.

Note the tongue... She must be looking at the desserts.

James and Chin Chai. Both of them sang solo too.

My turn! It was my first singing performance!

The microphone stand was not tall enough, hence my back was a bit crooked.

... actually very crooked.

Syakir and Sham

Syakir and Yoy

Finally took the microphone in my hand and rockkkkkkkkk!!!

The clip is incomplete because there were a lot of technical problems while recording! The drum was too loud, people at the back said they couldn't hear my voice clearly :| (Not blaming you Sham :P blaming the PA system!)

And please don't ask me why my arm was hanging awkwardly there like an ape wtf.

The performance was considered very good anyway, it was the band, 2ptg's first performance too :)

Then I went to change my appearance again... which was why I dunno what happened:

What was going on???
(Update: Their birthdays were near so the guests sang birthday song to wish them)

Syakir and Hazeem

Jason performing China yoyo. I learned this since 11 and abandoned it after 4 years.

Next was the Q&A session for Prom King & Queen candidates! Meet the belles:

... interesting? ;)

Okay lah, show you nice pictures:Li Ann and I in the washroom

Huey Huey. How did she manage to look so decent without make-up?!

The Prom King candidates joined the line: Danial, James and Wee Boon

Each candidate had to answer 2 questions. First questions were some serious ones like... Okay, I can only remember mine. But hey! I remember all the second questions!

Started with Li Ann.
Q: What is the one thing (anything) you would like to change if you are given a magic wand?
A: I would do a blessing to all girls and women--no more underarm hair!

Followed by me.

The first question: What is your biggest regret in life?
Answer: If I were given a chance to change anything in my past, I would want every detail to remain the same because all the hardships I went through made me who I am today. I have no regrets in life. (hehe cheesy but true)

The second question: If you could change one of your physical features, what would you change?
Answer: (lifted boobs, audience laughed) Um... I think I want hairless armpits too!

Forgot to add, I want my hairless arms and legs too -w-

Let see what questions the rest of them got... and their summarized answers.

Q: If you wake up one day and realize you are the only human alive on earth, what would you do?
Huey Huey: I would slap myself--it must be just a dream!
(this question is good blogging material... noted.)

Q: If you could have a meal with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?
Wee Boon: Lee Hom.
(Update: because Lee Hom is Sin Nee's idol... aww. Thanks to Kah Wai for the reminder)

Q: If you could choose any girl here to be your date tonight, who would you choose?
James: You.
(Not YOU, he was referring to Miss Emcee. I will include a picture of the emcees in my next post.)

Q: If you wake up one day and realize your have a sex change, what would you do?
Danial: Go with the flow.
(HOW??? If I become a male, the first thing I would do is--WANK! bwahahahaha)

I wanted to praise the creativity of the EXCO but Chee Ling told me they got some questions online (some were their ideas) '__' but I think we candidates thought the same about the questions:
! (i.e. crazy)

Next: Dance-floor and the winners!


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