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Friday, June 10, 2011

WTF Prom Night 1 ❣ Opening

Note: Most of the photos were taken by hired professional photographers, yet I put my blog address on them because I edited the photos.

I attended the 2nd prom in my life on March 26! WTF stood for:

Hahaha! At least the short form sounds cool!

Description (copied from the event wall on FB):

"With These Friends" - A creative and somehow unique name suggested by Mr Lim Yee Sing, it definitely has its significance in meaning, more than just sounding catchy for its acronym, "WTF!". This is probably the last night in INTI where we get to see a big reunion of everyone in the family of INTI-JPA-AUP 09 before we ends our last semester in INTI, in Malaysia and begins our long break, in preparation for our departure to the US.

Members of this big family are "These Friends" with whom we spent most of our time together, or at least seeing them the most of our days in INTI. The abundance of college/university experience in INTI was memorable and all good things deserve to end well. Let us spend one special night together, to have fun and bid farewell to each and everyone, including those acquaintances whom you are not familiar with and those who are closest to you!With These Friends, we will remember our memories together forever.

The organizing team (including me at early stage) went through a very hard time to make this event come to pass. Long meetings were held to decide the venue, theme (which in the end turned out to be theme-free) and details like red carpet, signboard, food, music etc. The event was even close to be cancelled because the number of attendance was not up to expectation.

"Huh... I don't have a partner..."
"Huh... I don't have a tux/gown..."
"Huh... I can't dance..."

That's why the name was changed to "Farewell" Night, to convince them that all the three things above were not compulsory--which we already told them since the very beginning. The Cupid Program (to match guests attending without a partner into pairs) was cancelled too.

Luckily, after the executive committee threatened to jump off Block Aristotle (our dorm), things got onto the right track :)

Prom Night's eve. Performers were having rehearsal.

The idea "With These Friends" gained overwhelming support from the guests because it did not put much restrain on the dress code. Dress code was the main concern, most said they would not attend if they had to spend a lot on the costumes. Anyway, themes suggested earlier were quite interesting:

a) Nostalgic Childhood Night - everyone brings big lollipops & toys
b) The Present - ribbons everywhere
c) Floral Elegance - flowers on ladies' wrists & on men's shirt pockets
d) A Night of Glamor, Glitter and Gold - bling bling everywhere
e) Warmth of Friendships - ladies & men with scarves

(a) and (e) were my ideas :P

The day finally came after much anticipation...

Ready? A lot of good-looking people following up! :D

Ta-daa! Me and my partner, Michael walking up the stairs. Love the pink ♥

My roommate, Poi Fun. They said she looks like a Korean.

Ker Ming, the contestant who made it to INTI Idol semi-final

Sin Nee, natural big eyes! Mine were of her size because I wore fake lashes.

Rizal, won Prom King before

We arrived at around 5 and the prom started at 7! It meant... plenty of time for photo shooting, with empty stomachs -.-

The Legend Water Chalet's ball room, Port Dickson

Me trying to give an seductive stare

Theresa, the only lady who was not in dress. Cool ;)

A bunch of hungry people

We were looking for all possible place to camwhore.

... and we act 007.

Gentlemen of my gang: WeeBoon, Mike, Sinclairze, Kevin, YiKang

Ladies of my gang: CheeLing, SinNee, Me, KerMing, Yvonne

I was laughing like crazy woman because I shamelessly shouted "I should stand in the middle! I wear pink!!!" and squeezed in. CheeLing and SinNee were checking out my sexy ass.

I looked super thin here.

Suits up! Harry (Iban), Kar Wei and Darren

A gorgeous pair: Sham and Cristal (nyonya descendant)

Finally it's 7pm and we walked into the ballroom. Before entrance was the voting procedure:

Posters of Prom King and Queen candidates on the table. I was one of them :D

Organizing committee and volunteer helpers welcoming us at the entrance

Okay I think this picture was taken before I signed. Can't find my signature...

Obviously not wine. Some kind of fruit juice which I dunno.

Look at the varieties of pasta sauce!

Opening speech by Mr Loh Yoong Shen, the OC

Singing National Anthem. JPA scholars are a bunch of patriotic kids.
I already changed my clothes for the performance later.

Next on: performances, Q&A session for prom king and queen candidates and dance-floor!


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