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Friday, June 3, 2011

Ugly Notty

Just a post full of pictures :) I know I know it's boring lalala but I love Notty and I shall rest after writing the previous looooooooong rant!

By the way, inspired by XiaXue (yes I'm a constant reader of hers now), I made my very own trademark to be put on pictures in this blog :D Bye bye boring plain-word trademark!

Caught Notty sleeping in a super ugly but hilarious pose the other day:

Bye bye boring trademark!

Now look at my newly made trademarks! 4 of them in total :D

Honey what's with your eyes?! HAHAHA

Notty woke up because my camera made noise :P

Jumped off the sofa to continue sleeping on the cold floor.

Dozing off...

*rub head*

different shades of pink-my nail and his nose *poke*

Decided to go back onto the sofa. Mom hiding her face.
She doesn't know I already made her pictures public in this post :P

*change posture*

He always put one leg on another when sleeping in this posture.

(contended giggles of a cat-owner who is obsessed with the cat)


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