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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Turning 20

I was looking for Chrome themes. My home phone rang for 1 second and stopped, followed by my mobile phone; the next second Michelle was screaming: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"

(froze for 2 seconds) HAR???
Michelle: ......
Me: (looked at the calendar) Oh yahor! Haha thank you!!!
Michelle: What! You forgot your birthday!!!

Birthdays are not a big deal to me, seriously. I don't literally 'forget' my birthday, but I usually don't realize "Eh? It's my birthday already!" until people wish me.

I think I will feel hyped only if I throw a birthday party--which is so far from happening. *sigh* You know what I mean if your birthday falls on school break like mine...

Swear I must throw a few at clubs and a few at my future house! RAWR!

the kind of atmosphere I want

A few minutes after Michelle's phone call, I received a mysterious text from a mysterious number (not Malaysian number):

"To my sexy muse, happy birthday!!! I wish I could plant a kiss on your cheek right this moment.. My baby is growing prettier as the time goes.. I just couldn't take my eyes off you.. too bad, you're no longer single and available.. *sigh*.. but I will continue loving you.. yea, I am one of your secret admirer.. name? Hmm.. you wanna know? alright, before you kill me, it's me--uynawwol.. get it :) .. lol.. enjoy your days in Malaysia and have a great life in USA sooner.."

My instant response: Uynawwol??? Ini nama apa? African? Middle Easterner?
My reply: I dunno who you are but thank you!

Believe it or not, I did not get it until someone told me the name was inverted... *face palm* how stupid can I get?!! Thanks for the wish from Australia my secret admirer LOW WAN YU!!! You failed to become the first to wish me this year (and last year), so work harder next year! Gambateh! :P

I did not make my birthday public on FB because to me it's quite pointless to get wishes when people are reminded by FB... They will remember if they care; if they don't, I don't really care too. In fact, half of my besties often forgot my birthday (sad, I know).

Not a problem. I made them wish me :D I was so thick-faced (still am) I used to call MinYi every year to make her wish me! hahahaha

Last year I posted here the printscreen of all birthday wishes on FB; this year I am lazy to because I did not mean to let people know it's my birthday at all. Not anti it lah, just feel like keeping a low profile... yes you are right, I am a weird humble low-profile attention seeker.

Anyway, I am appreciative towards people who made an effort to wish me :) thank you! ♥

Somehow you people made me guilty because I don't wish people happy birthday even when I see the reminder on FB :/ so annoying you know, everyday is someone's birthday! Grrr! I think my birthday wish does not make a difference lah unless I type a long one, which I seldom do :S

Also, I feel annoyed to see emotionless "happy birthday." or "happy birthday" on FB... like very insincere and unwilling to wish but just do for the sake of manner or whatsoever!

Sorry to have you bear my vulgarity but I love to use the f-word! Don't come online if vulgarity annoys you. It's almost everywhere on internet and this is the fucking awesome thing about internet!

It annoys me even if you do so not to me but to other people. Really what... how long does it take you to add a smiley or an exclamation mark? If you're so insincere why do you bother to type the two words o_O

And then I realize people purposely annoyed me by typing emotionless 'happy birthday' after I wrote that status -_- so I deleted both birthday-related status and disabled wall-posting until my birthday was over. LOL

I received texts from Alan, Karmen, HanYuan, Saddam, Shih Ting and Zi Jia :) big love ♥

My transformation over these 10 years:

10: wearing wig. That was for ballet performance at school xxx night.

12: my brother's birthday
14: act Gothic already
15: poem-reciting competition
16: act modelling lol
17: school uniform

Post-SPM and pre-college period (except the bottom right picture): Growing long hair.

Last year: From bang to no bang.

This year (no picture attached since I posted recent photos in most of my posts): Bitchier make-up and more professional photoshop? lolol

I want to dye my hair reddish brown or highlight pink... but I won't have money to touch up in USA when the black roots grow out :( aiks.

Thank you again for the wishes! Bye bye~

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