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Monday, June 6, 2011

Tony Tony Chopper ♥

Do you notice any difference with my blog?


Ta-daa! The pink column for post content is wider now! Took me 3 hours to edit HTML and background image, finally made it the way I want... credit to CSC101 :)

I also change the way I upload pictures. Before this, I used to upload the pictures directly onto blogger (which will be stored in picasa web album). The pictures will be re-sized (smaller), and if I adjust the size in HTML, the pictures appeared blur. Now I'm doing what popular bloggers do: upload pictures to a photo-sharing network first, then embed into post by linking the URLs. Problem solved :)

I am a fan of One Piece manga, but I actually don't watch (or read) One Piece regularly, I only watch when Donut watches. The show was on TV few hours ago, so I think of posting it to test the new column and photo quality :)

This manga follows the adventure of Straw Hat Pirates in search of the world's ultimate treasure. Every pirate has super power (as usual). The story is still going on, from what I last heard, the anime is reaching 500 episodes O_O

Love the different versions of their flags ♥

Tony Tony Chopper the doctor of Straw Hat Pirates. Most of the time, he appears to be a toddler-sized human/reindeer hybrid, like this:

This is Brain Point. He can transform into other different points.

Some features I find cute about Chopper:
1. He swears when he feels shy;
2. His nickname is 'Cotton Candy Lover' Chopper~
3. His nose is blue (which set him apart from his species);
4. He can understand other animals' speech;
5. He feels touched easily, usually cries when people treat him well.

Not cute? D: you have to watch the anime to know his personality. He is a lot like me, cute and fearless at the same time... hehehe

Earlier in this year, I bought a set of One Piece toys for Valentine's gift. It was a not-so-expensive set, around RM20. Now only I realize some colors were wrong -_-

made a display box

which is like a drawer, as suggested by CheeLing

without the box

Shanks, nicknamed "Red-Haired" Shanks

The nose should be blue :(

Straw Hat Pirates' first boat

Monkey D. Luffy, nicknamed "Straw Hat" Luffy
The singlet should be red -_-

Ronozoa Zoro, nicknamed "Pirate Hunter" Zoro

Nothing much to write because I dunno much! Just a few more pictures of Chopper toys:

Different forms of Chopper..... so not cute :/

I get bored of "xoxo".


  1. 1. Chopper really cute
    2. Your china-made toys look kinda suck. Should buy original next time xD
    3. I am quite annoyed by the auto-play mini youtube in your blog

  2. I'm quite annoyed too lol... thanks for the feedback, changing the auto-play function now.