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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cursors + Themes for Browsers

I'm having a craze for pink!

My attitude to pink has been changing:
childhood years--love pink
early teenage years--hate pink
late teenage year--like pink of some particular shades and hates the rest
now (I hit 20 today!)--crazy for pink of some particular shades!

I'm already planning to buy a pink casing for my new phone which hasn't reached me yet... I even think of spraying it pink! Ahh am I influenced by XiaXue again?!

Whatever! Looking at pink stuffs makes me feel so sweet and happy hehehe.

I hate my Windows Aero cursor set so much. Boring and so damn ordinary. I miss my wagging tail white arrow in Vista... but hey! I found even better ones! Pink wagging tail arrow! And a lot more girlish pinky cursors~ My taste is turning from boyish to so girlish now!

See, my very own cursor set!

Got them one by one from my most favorite cursor site, discovered when I did web page assignment for my CSC class.

In case you dunno how to change cursors, here are the steps:
1. Right click at your desktop
2. Click 'Personalization'
3. Click 'change mouse pointer' (at the left)
4. Click 'Browse'
5. Choose the cursor you download earlier
6. Save theme

Also downloaded theme for my Firefox! I use Firefox only for blogging. Formatting font sizes and colors (the features provided by Blogger) does not work in Chrome, it takes a whole lot more steps (by doing the formatting in Microsoft Word first, then copy and paste to blog post, but most of the time it does not synchronize with the rest of the default font), then I realize I did not have such problems when I used Firefox. Took me almost half a year to realize this zzz.

Some of my favorite Firefox themes:

Night before Christmas!!! Oh man I never watch but I love the characters so much I have the small toys of all 5 characters above on my table. I love skulls~

These 2 reptiles are so cute. The lizard reminded me of the previous post (hard promotion, hahaha) and the funny Thailand advertisement of 2 lizards falling off the ceiling... One by accident (because the ceiling cracked), another committed suicide later. Hehehe.

Was using this one till I found the next one. I like simplicity... and look! pink!

Looks very nice when applied. I stop viewing the remaining themes after I found this one. 4700+ pages, happy viewing if you don't want to miss any...

Next is theme for my default browser, Chrome:

These things are so lively and cute! Love the bright colors. I think the green one looks like me hahaha.

Classic. But I started to get bored of this style... not mood-brightening enough. My taste is really changing...

They have red/pink and green colors of this theme too. Love it but the design for bookmark tab is annoying my sight, so many white stripes up there...

I will use this one if not because of the junks down there.

Very eye-dazzling with the 8 thumbnails of most visited sites on it. Oh I blogged about One Piece too 2 days ago... Tony Tony Chopper (yes I'm really promoting my each post hard! :P)

This is near my favorite pink shade... a little more reddish would be perfect. Thought I would like it but soon the bears annoyed me -_- I'm so picky, I know.

Wah Sailormoon is my childhood idol you know! My Standard 1 teachers even told other teachers about how I claimed myself as a Sailormoon zzz.

This is the one I choose. My shade of pink :) and simple. Although the bookmark tab is quite annoying too but this is the best I found among the 200+ pages!

5.30 am again siao... I think my blog can be more interesting if there are more irritation from people like the two in WTF, Personal Attacks?!!! ... I as a reader love to read dramas too. Should write more long rants to complain about people I dislike... what say you?


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