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Monday, June 6, 2011

Shopping for USA

Note: This is a very girlish post displaying my conquests from a spree at Melaka shopping mall.

Hello readers!!! *hyperrrrrrr*

From my rough calculation, I spent near RM900 during this spree! Such a spendthrift muahahahaha! Who say money cannot buy happiness? I AM SO HAPPY!!!

Yet I haven't bought new phone and MP3 :( anyway I have ordered a new phone, will be reaching me this weekend :D I know I know, "Why do you still buy new phone since you're going to USA? Get iPhone 5!" Well, my Samsung E2510 has grown a brain 3 months ago, it decides when to switch off without asking me. I still have 2 and a half month in Malaysia, and I was told that iPhone does not come with a slot which you can put my SIM card... Need a new phone anyway. Daddy said it's the battery's problem, but I want a touch screen phone so... *teethy grin*

Anyway let me show you what I am happy for:

my hairy arm with scars of love bites by Notty

BIG LOVE!!! Finally found a sophisticated bracelet with elegant charms, yet of affordable price! RM 27 only! As usual, my wrist is too thin for the bracelet, but no worries, I always do adjustment using pliers :D now it fits perfectly!

Also bought sponge for my bikini. The picture looks a little perverted to me I dunno why.

Bikini bought on Perhentian Island: RM25
Sponges: RM 17
Total: RM 42

Bikini that comes with sponges usually cost around RM60, hence my combination is mad cheap! Ahh why is bikini without sponge hard to find? Must buy if you go to islands!

Bling grey and pink hair pin, RM5 each. Had a hard time choosing between this sweet pink and pale pink. I realize that pink always exerts a weird attraction on me before purchase, and only before purchase. All the pink stuffs I bought on this day kinda lost their attraction after purchase... I keep imagining them with neal blue and bright ocean blue ><

Pink and grey phone bags with my bling hair pin put on them. Rm 5 each.

make-up materials bought at Sasa: Gel eyeliner, eye shadow brush, mascara

Total: RM 85. All waterproof, so that the snow won't spoil my make-up. My first time buying branded make-up stuffs. Strong recommendation of gel eyeliner!!! I hate crayon eyeliner which smears like crazy; liquid eyeliner is not black enough, unless you put on multiple layers, but this way it's very hard to remove. Gel eyeliner beats both, provided that you have a firm hand familiar with doing eye-lining.

The last time I bought proper sport shoes was 7 years ago :/ after that I wore that dirty muddy sport shoes for badminton and bought another pair of fashion-type. Was hunting for one that fits both fashion and sports, finally found this at Bata :) RM 60 only! Weird how Malaysians don't fancy Bata much, according to my secondary school teacher, Bata is considered high-class brand at London. BIG WOW.

Don't tell me about Nike/Adidas/Puma etc. Those I saw were either daring bright colors with big contrast or white with stupid colored logos... boring.

Also spent RM400+ at Universal Traveler:

Actually demonstration is unnecessary lol. Typical teenage student's camwhoring expression wtf -_- (must do while I am still a teenager...)

Yay inflated! It's true, it took only 2 breaths!

hmm... so comfy

But it definitely took more than 'a few seconds' to deflate... I even have to use my feet because I have no skills...

Scarry (no such word) because of Notty.
I think it took me at least 5 minutes to deflate it.

Some other stuffs:

According to the salesperson, USA, UK and another country (lazy to check now, 5.30am already!) airports have the master key to open the suitcase. My senior who bought suitcase without that universal key hole had his lock spoiled when the officer forcefully opened his suitcase for checking... learn the lesson!

Another pink stuff I regret buying -w-

Imagine it with red! Bright ocean blue! Waaaay nicer right :|

Anyway I love the design... and hey! It's the last piece left in store! Be appreciative!

ears protector... also pink

I shall end the post here... will be killed if I don't sleep before dad/mom wakes up!!!

Pink? No pink?


  1. dun forget to buy eye shades too..
    btw, ady know who ur roommate is?

    Enjoy moments in USA then. :D

  2. Not having roommate, but sharing an apartment unit with Shih Yuin and his friend :)