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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bling till your eyes hurt!

Hello readers!!! Been very busy the past week! I was in Nilai, Times Square (lol), Ipoh and Seremban! Many things to blog about but you have to wait. And come back often. *grin*

I present to you--

It's hard to take good pictures of bling. Too much sparkles; light was heavily reflected. Worse with flash.

Anyway--damn chio!!! The back might be too much though. And the buttons are missing because I stupidly bling them with the same color -_- becoming secret buttons now. People won't get to know where the buttons are located hahaha.

Then I decided to bling my ugly black Xperia X8. Yeah, the new touch screen phone I bought.

Market price: RM1000
Promotion price: RM700
Factory price: RM450

I bought it at RM450. YES BE JEALOUS! I have friend whose father's friend have network to get phones from the factory.

This is it:

I know what you want to say. Not ugly at all. But it's boring! You see, most phones are in black and most plastic phone cases only cover the back.

I wanted to paint my phone in pink but.....  :(

My first attempt to bling my phone was.....

... a failure.

Look at the superglue stain! OMG dunno how I could ignore the ugliness for one week man...


So I re-blinged it. Plucking off the diamantes was a tough nut because I used superglue. Smart, I know. Then I put on sticker to cover up the black (and the stains) before I blinged it again.

The final result:

Yes I covered up the buttons. Not showing you the top side, it's damn ugly as I need to leave the holes for charger and earphone open. T_T

I blinged my laptop too:

The sticker I used as base for my phone bling. A little fluffy hehe.

Yay no other person in this world have the same camera, phone and laptop with me!
Actually when you see in real life, my work was VERY messy and I do regret spoiling my 'toys'...

Found this car when I searched for bling images:

Walao eh so bloody bling man! This car should not be put in use, accident rate will increase like hell. Other drivers will go blind having this car flash into their eyesight.


  1. What look nice:

    Camera front, Handphone back, Laptop

    What sucks:

    The rest.